Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Sun Is Out!

The sun is out here in Middle Georgia.  I am thankful the the much needed rain, but happy to see the sun again after several days of cloudy, wet weather.  I am definitely a sunshine kinda girl.

Made a reservation today for cruise with girlfriends Trish and Roberta for next January.  That is the time of year here that is cold, cold and more cold and I am ready to escape.  We got a Great Deal on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas and we are all excited to be getting away for some girl time!

Do you have girlfriends you love to travel with?  Time passes quickly ladies, and you need to do it now!  Don't put it off.  I am looking forward to that lovely sunset on the seas again and sharing time with two really special ladies whom I love.

I am going to have to be "good" and get back on track to lose a few more pounds before January.  I love the 17 Day Diet and it seems to work really well for me.  Today I am cooking again, fresh asparagus ( I love the fresh summer veggies ) and grilled chicken and sliced fresh tomatoes (locally grown of course!).  I eat lots of Greek Yogurt, FAGE seems to be the best out there and mixed with sliced fresh fruit and a little Truvia, it tastes like a smooth ice cream..Yummo!

I am also headed to the pool this afternoon...can't lose weight without a little exercise!  I love water in any form so the pool is the best option for me, but treadmills, stairclimbers and even free weights can all help in the quest.  I may be sixty-five but I am going to keep going like I am thirty-five for as long as I can.

Just finished up my last article for LongRidge Writers School and got it in the mail.  I'll be happy to get my diploma, and now I need to get busy submitting to all those magazines out there who just can't wait to publish my stuff! LOL  Well, folks, have a great day and smile.

God Bless Peace, Love and JOY

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