Monday, June 11, 2012

Rainy Days in Georgia!

It has been raining all over the Southeast for the last few days...I hate it for the people who have had the last week booked at the beach.  Although, I find it quite beautiful, those who come there for the sun haven't had much of it this week!  

It has been raining here in Georgia too.  As much as we need the rain, by the time it gets to 48 hours straight of the wet stuff, I am ready to see the SUN again!  So, what do you do on a rainy day in Georgia?  Well today, Ashlyn and I have decided to make jewelry.  She loves to make earrings and has gotten very good at it.  That's her, displaying two of her latest creations!  I believe in encouraging the creative and artistic side of children, which so often gets lost in our technological/computer games world!  Liv is at home with Mommy doing LEGO's which allow creativity too.

Buddy the dog is just looking for a place to hide...he HATES rain.  He actually trembles all over when it starts and goes and hides in the bathroom a lot of the time.  He is ready for the rain to go away.

I cook on rainy days.  Today I am replenishing the "diet" soup I keep on hand.  It keeps me from eating the wrong things and is handy to have around for those "munchy" times.  It is so simple to make from what you have in your pantry that there is no excuse not to have it around all the time.  Here is a simple recipe you can follow to make your own.

1 Can diced tomatoes
1 quart of Chicken Stock
1 Large Onion
4-5 large stalks Celery
1 Medium Sized bag frozen mixed Vegetables
1 or two sliced carrots
1 quart of water
Salt and Pepper to Taste

Now, if you love cabbage (and I do!) you can chop and add 1/2 of a medium sized cabbage to this.  You can also add okra if you are a gumbo fan.  Sometimes I just put in all the left over vegetables I have in the fridge too.  Stay away from the starchy ones as much as possible to avoid the extra carbs.  I don't use potatoes for example.  Limited amounts of beans are great.  In fact, I often add kidney beans or black beans.  If you want to turn this into a "Taco" soup, just add a package of Taco Seasoning Mix and 1 Package of Ranch Dressing Mix and an extra can of beans!  It's great!!!
All of this is so low in calories that you can actually eat it at will and not worry about whether or not it will end up on your hips!

So, if you are looking for something to do on this rainy day...Make Soup! and warm up.

Just an FYI for my local readers....I have found a great Pizza place which is locally owned and operated by a young family.  The pizza is fresh, the flavors are fantastic and I believe in supporting locals and getting away from the chain operated restaurants as much as possible.  DiGiorgio's is exactly the kind of place I love.  Their Chicken Pesto Pizza is to die for and I have heard the White Pizza is too.  They have lots of choices of toppings and sizes from 12" to 16".  They also serve Caesar and Greek Salads, as wll as Calzones, Meatball Subs and Hot wings.  Prices are reasonable, and the food is great.

DiGiorgio's is located in the Zebulon Road Kroger shopping center just a couple doors down from the Theater.  Hours are Sun-Tues 11 am - 9 pm
Wed-Sat 11 am - 10 pm.
They also do take out and delivery!
Give them a try, you won't be sorry you did!

God Bless - Peace, Love and Joy!

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