Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I can't wait until August 8th, when I will be heading back to Okaloosa Island again.  The view is fabulous, and yet different every single day.  I never tire of waking to the sound of the sea birds and the waves crashing to the shore. 

I am hoping to find everything is in good order this time.  Last trip found several problems, including a damaged stove burner, a broken cabinet hinge and various missing items.  Here's hoping this month things have fared a bit better.

It is difficult to rent my beautiful beach home to strangers.  Many times, however, I do get to speak directly to those who are going to be going to Island Echos.  I feel much better when I get to interact directly with those people who will be sharing my home.  I long for the day when I can move there full time...it is coming...and I will love knowing I won't have to leave it again. 

I have already made a few special acquaintances in Fort Walton Beach.  It seems to attract a lot of artists, and I can't wait to spend time with them.  There are also some great eateries.  Mulhollows Bistro 215 for one, Harbor Docks for another, Ali's Bistro...yum to all of them.  I love all the fresh from the Gulf seafood! 

So, beautiful water, beautiful skies, great food and artists? Who could ask for more!

God Bless- Peace, Love and Joy!


  1. Okaloosa Girl,
    Dear Linda, We are going to take good care of the condo. We like a clean and in order home. a The condo will be our home for the month in Sept17- Oct.17 I'm looking forward to make a new recipe every other day or try a new restaurant. We are going to bring our binoculars for birding and dolphin watching.

  2. Penny.. I will be going down again just before you arrive to make sure everything is in tip top shape for your visit. I want you guys to have a spectacular time! I think you will find the kitchen equipped with everything you might want. The dolphins tend to be most active early in the morning (feeding time I guess)...but I have seen them in the afternoon on quiet days too. Great couple restaurants to try Marina Cafe (Destin - 6 miles away - has two for one entree special between 5 and 6...food is great and view spectacular) Mulhollows Bistro...I love going there especially at lunch, Tracy and Dan always have great specials and the food is great, it is on 98 just before you get to the Island. Ali's Bistro is also on the Fort Walton Beach side (Brooks Street) and they also have wonderful food. We also like Harbor Docks...great fresh seafood, and Bayside Steamer. My husband loves McGuires (but their portions are ENORMOUS.. they do however, make a great burger! LOL
    Hope everything is perfect for you guys including the weather!

    Linda - Okaloosa Girl - Kelly