Monday, August 27, 2012

All eyes are on the Gulf Coast today, waiting and watching and praying that Isaac doesn't strengthen and damage home and property in areas so recently ravaged by the Gulf Oil Spill and Katrina.  The storm so far is large, but hasn't strengthened in the same manner that Katrina did.  We all pray that scenario will not replay itself.

In the meantime, those of us who own property along the Gulf Coast have prepared as best we can for whatever happens.  I pray for my many friends who have businesses there.  Hopefully, they will suffer little or no damage.

We are planning to return to Okaloosa Island this coming Saturday after the storm threat has passed.  Kevin's sister, Jackie, is flying in and we want to share our beautiful Emerald Coast with her for a few days.  Right now the storm seems to be moving to the West, considerably different from what was originally projected, but we will be on the NE side as it comes ashore, and that is the so-called "dirty" side of the storm.

Gulf Power has already geared up with repair people lined up to go in as quickly as possible to restore power and we are hoping the surge will not be too high.

In the meantime, there is little else we can do but watch and pray.  So join me as I pray for all those awaiting the magnitude of a hurricane yet again.  Pray for safety for those in the path of the storm.

GOD BLESS!  Peace, Love and Joy

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