Thursday, November 8, 2012

Art and Artists

This beautiful Murano glass pendant was designed by local artist "Dr. Meow", Doretha Jones.  Dr. Jones is an emergency veterinary doctor who has found her passion in making the most extraordinary jewelry I have ever seen.

This tiny jellyfish is housed completely in a glass teardrop.  Look at the tiny beautiful tentacles, the detail is absolutely amazing.  Dr. Meow's passion is evident in every piece of her work.

I had the opportunity to spend about and hour and a half with Dr. Meow this evening.  She is an ebullient and energetic woman who has thousands of beautiful ideas waiting to burst from her brain onto the walls where she displays her amazing work.  She does lovely lampwork beading, wire weaving and wire knitting, interweaving extraordinary pieces of glass and stone into her work.  I have never seen any glass work jewelry more beautifully crafted.

Dr. Meow is a true artist.  Oh, many people can be taught to "craft" and create pretty things.  Painting, glasswork and many other arts can be taught.  But a true "artist" has that creative spark which burns within and doesn't need prompting.  They are bubbling with new ideas to improve their craft at all times. 

Dr. Meow travels to learn new techniques in her pursuit of crafting beautiful glass and metal jewelry. 

I have recently made acquaintance of another local artist here on the Emerald Coast, Lisa Fretina.  Lisa paints.  She paints a huge variety of subjects and is excellent at what she does.   She also teaches others, sharing her knowledge and experience to assist other would be artists to progress.  Lisa is another energetic, bubbly person whose ideas spill out onto canvas in colorful and magical paintings!

The Emerald Coast seems to bring out the best in all the artists who live here.  From Dr. Meow and Lisa to Alan Hoelzle the photographer who seems to capture each and every mood here on the Emerald Coast.  Isn't that a positively glorious photo?  Amazing.

As I said before, anyone can be taught to paint pictures, take pictures and create jewelry, but only a true ARTIST has that special spark that makes their body of work stand out from the crowd! 

I am privileged to know some of those people and their work, and I hope some of you will check it out!  It will lift your spirits.

GOD BLESS - Peace, Love and Joy

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