Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life of Pi

I saw the Life of Pi this afternoon, and I must say I wasn't disappointed with this beautiful film.

The Director, Ang Lee and the - Cast: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, GĂ©rard Depardieu, Tabu, Ayush Tandon were superb!  Even the Tiger did a marvelous job!

This picture has many levels of interest.  It takes you through shocking suspenseful moments when you don't know whether either the boy or the Tiger will survive.  It shows you the Ocean in all it's many moods....from the flat, glassy like moments to the raging storms which can appear so quickly when at sea!  

This picture also may pique your interest in religion.  No matter what your belief system, this movie takes you from Hindu, to Christianity and back and with all it's beauty opens your eyes to the world around us and its many beautiful creatures.

The relationship between the tiger and Pi is also very the animal is never friendly toward Pi, but they develop a mutual respect which allows both of them to survive their incredible journey.  The movie is at once fanciful and realistic.  The cinematography is amazing.

I heard someone say on television this morning that there is a book out explaining how they achieved all these spectacular actions, but I agree with the commentator..I don't want to know!  To explain how these lovely shots action and scenery were accomplished would only serve to take away part of the magic of the movie.

Pi could be a little frightening for very young children, so I would not recommend taking a child under a mature six!  Also, the interactions and underlying story are much to difficult for a small child to understand.

All this being said, I highly recommend The Life of Pi to older children and adults.  It is a marvelous piece of work and extremely well acted by a virtual unknown!  Amazing!

GOD BLESS - Peace, Love and Joy

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