Saturday, November 24, 2012

We might not have leaves changing color here on the Emerald Coast, but we definitely have Autumn Colors of our own.

This simple photo was not re-touched or accented in any way, and was in fact taken on my little iPhone!

I love taking photographs here on the Coast.  The Island offers all kinds of beautiful views, and I have enjoyed so many different ones this year.  It is nearly December, and I won't be able to return to my beautiful Paradise until March, and I will miss all the beauty that is here.

The wind on the water, the sea birds and dolphins and rays and the waves and sand have provided me with so much beauty since I purchased the condo in May.  The variety is endless.  I will be leaving for China in just over a week, and am sure I will find some beautiful views and unusual things to photograph there, but I also believe I will never tire of taking pictures here on the Island.

While I intend to take many pictures over the next few months, I also would like to take a photography course before I return to the Island in May.  You see, I believe that an artist not only creates beautiful things, but also sees beauty through eyes that force him/her to want to share their vision with everyone else.

This simple little picture has me so captivated with all its shading and color that I think I will have it reproduced on canvas.  I can't wait to see China and Thailand and find treasures in the beauty of the landscapes and people there. 

I finished the first week of my Ease Into 5K today, but I am going to repeat the first week before moving on.  The case of whooping cough I had this summer has made stamina a bit more difficult for me.  I am hoping that by backtracking a week, I can help to build back into a greater amount of lung capacity and strength.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I am feeling really terrific now since I have lost 23 pounds.  I got myself outfitted today with a good pair of running shoes and an outfit to go with them.  My bright yellow top makes me very visible, and I have just discovered the wonders of a sports bra!  I wish I had tried one of those a long time ago...really keeps things in place! 

Tomorrow is Sunday and I will be leaving here on Wednesday, so I am trying to squeeze all I can into my last few days here.  Tuesday night we will be attending a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Concert in Pensacola. I fell in love with the group over 30 years ago, and am glad they are still producing such magnificent music!  We will be going to dinner at a Restaurant in Pensacola called Jaco's which has excellent reviews.  I will, of course be watching very closely what I eat...don't want to blow the diet now!  So, dinner and a great concert will end my season here on the Gulf Coast, but I will be back in the Spring, ready for another beautiful time on the beautiful Island I call home.

GOD BLESS - Peace, Love and Joy

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