Friday, November 2, 2012

Sense and Sensibility

I was in New York City a couple of years ago just before Christmas.  It was wonderful! We had a terrific time.

Things are really not great in NYC and New Jersey as well as other surrounding areas right now due to the untimely and unfortunate arrival of Sandy the Superstorm!

Today I am listening to the early news and the fact that the New York Marathon is scheduled to go on as planned.  This decision is causing anger and angst among many people in the area. 

Personally, I think this is an error in judgement on the part of those in charge of the Marathon.  Yes, I realize it brings money into the City of New York.  Yes, I realize people travel from around the world to participate in this event..BUT....

To me this seems like trampling on the graves of those who have lost their lives in the wake of the storm.  It is insensitive to those who are hurting from the loss of lives and property.  It seems ridiculous when transportation is still limping along ...flooded tunnels and all.  It seems that once again GREED has reared it's ugly head and wins over sensitivity!

Why not re-schedule the event for later in the year?  Why push forward using valuable resources to perform jobs which have to be done in order for this race to occur, which could be used in helping in the recovery process.  Why use police and fire and rescue personnel in this event when so many need assistance and comfort?

It seems that we have lost all sense when it comes to MONEY. It is always all about the money.  People are hurting all over this country right now, particularly in those areas hard hit by Sandy.  We need to put some pressure on those in control of this Marathon.  We need to say, "Hey, let's take care of the business at hand!"  Let's get busy recovering from the storm.  Let's put peoples lives and property first and a Marathon which could be run at another time later!  

I am sick to death of politics right now!  No matter which side you are on you have to admit that this has been a sad representation of Democracy.  Greed and corruption are rampant throughout the country.  Where is the generosity and compassion this country was founded upon?  Where is the willingness to sacrifice for the good of all instead of the GREED of a few?

I can't help but think about the CARPETBAGGERS who invaded the South after the Civil War, picking the bones of those stripped bare by a long and painful war.  We have our own Carpetbaggers present today.  Once again, my plea is that we put aside selfish wants and take care of important needs to put this Country back on it's feet again!  Let's work together instead of splitting everything right down the middle. 

Let's get some sense and sensibility back in the picture!

GOD BLESS - Peace, Love and Joy!

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