Saturday, February 23, 2013

Running My First 5K at 66!

I know!  I haven't blogged for quite a while least since I got back from China/ Thailand!  Whew has the time flown.  But, the reasons are multiple.  I am on a strict diet with Metabolic Research and I ended up at first taking a part time job, which has now turned into a full time position!  I have also been training to run my very first ever 5K on my 66th Birthday - that was today! 

I had the most incredible birthday I have ever had!  I have only been training for the 5K since the middle of January, as I was traveling most of the month of December and into January! 

 From October 5th until yesterday I have lost over 43 pounds!  My BMI and weight are totally normal for the first time since I was 20 years old!  I feel fantastic, but like I said before, I only had time to train three days a week for the three mile run since the middle of January.  I was all set to have to walk over the Finish Line way way behind anyone else, except maybe the 90 year olds!  LOL.  But I was determined that no matter what I was going to FINISH!  When I opened my "packet" of info and goodies, my time/number was 473...and those are my lucky numbers!  I took this as a sign I would not die before crossing the Finish Line.  I just wanted to make it and not fall or faint!

 To add to the difficulty of the run, today was bitterly COLD (around 42) with RAIN and a wind chill factor which brought it down to around 37!  YIKE!  But, I woke up at about 4 AM excited to face this new challenge at my new slimmer weight.  I had committed to do this and I was going to do it or die trying!  I am kind of stubborn that way!

My Son-In-Law Aaron had also decided to run his first 5K today so we were both facing the challenge with some trepidation.  We arrived on the scene at about 7:30 to get ready for the 8:30 run.  In order to keep ourselves somewhat warm and limber we had to keep walking, skipping, hopping and just plain moving to keep from freezing!

Daughter Melanie, Ashlyn and Alivie (granddaughters) and my husband Kevin were our Cheerleaders!  They even made little signs for us!  I had gotten on line when I arose and realized that the weather was definitely going to be horrendous, to see exactly what experienced runners would do in this situation.  I finally decided NOT to wear cotton socks, to wear my Dri Fit Running Suit, and then put a shiny gold Anorak vest over all to try and keep some of the rain off.  Adding a hat with a bill would keep the rain out of my eyes (at least I hoped so). 

We were definitely "pumped" about our adventure, and although as the starting gun fired the rain increased, we took off toward our goal.  I had been warned that there was a "hill" at the beginning of the second mile of the race, so I was prepared to face that when I got there.  In fact, two fellows in the pack beside me said "this is a really difficult course because of the hill."  Hmmmm....sounded like that was going to be quite a hill.

The first mile went by and when the monitor called out my time at about 14 minutes, I thought that was probably right on schedule for me.  However, as I turned the corner I saw the FIRST of the multiple hills we would encounter!  It wasn't a difficult hill, and thinking this was the ONLY one I thought....okay no biggie I can handle this.  After TWO more of these hills I was wondering if anyone had actually seen this course before!

AND THEN came the HILL...OMG this was a 45 degree grade which lasted almost all the way to the Finish Line!  Over a mile uphill was definitely not what I had planned for.  I kept pushing on however, and found that my time at the 2 mile split was 27 minutes...a minute less per mile than the first one.  Good I was still on track and alive!

But, after climbing the monster of a hill toward the finish I was almost completely out of steam for the last 1/8 mile which I had planned to "kick up the pace."  Would I get this close and not finish?  Would I have to Walk across the finish line?  There was a lady beside me who was also about my age, and I had been passing her and falling behind and passing again for the last mile.  As I turned the corner for the Finish Line, my family of cheerleaders (Aaron had already joined them as he was much faster than I) were yelling and cheering me on!  I couldn't let them down!  I was sooooo close....then the two little ones, their Mom and Dad joined me as I raced toward the Finish Line, using every last bit of energy in my body to push myself ahead of the lady I had been going back and forth with the entire last half of the race.  I did it!!!!  I did it!!!  And, I didn't die!!!

 There it was and I had done it.  I was thrilled just to make it!  I didn't care about my time all that much, but did notice that the clock was reading about 42 minutes.  Better than the 45 which I had planned for in perfect weather.  Wow!  I laughed, cried and jumped around!  But I was totally exhausted and thrilled at the same time.

Even more amazing was the fact that when the times were announced, I had actually finished THIRD in my Age Group for my very first 5K.  I hadn't run in over 30 years and I was tickled pink to accept my Bronze Medal at the Cantrell Center 5K Stage!

I couldn't have done this without the encouragement of my amazing daughter and her family and my wonderful husband.  I have decided to keep running after this.  Although when I wake up tomorrow and feel how sore I probably am going to be, it isn't easy going to be easy to convince myself to hit it again.   

I feel better than I have in so many years I can not count.  If you want to  get healthy and slim,  take up running IF I CAN DO IT YOU CAN TOO!!!

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