Friday, June 28, 2013

Westward Ho!!!

Well, it has been quite a while since I have posted to Okaloosa Girl!  So very much has happened that I really don't know where to begin!

To begin with, I joined Metabolic Research Weight Loss Center as a client back in October 2012, and between October and February lost 54 pounds! Wow, I am a different person.  I have since run two 5K's and am enjoying a healthier, happier lifestyle.  I loved the program so much, that I went to work for Metabolic in January.  It's a great program and I can't say enough about what it has done for me!  I am a new person!

On June 19th, I flew down to Miami Beach, Florida to celebrate the one year Anniversary of Theorie!  What an amazing time I had!  Charles and Jon always make me feel so special, and the SoHo Beach Hotel was really over the top!

The rooms were beautiful, comfortable and a throwback to a "grander" time!  Miami is on the upswing and we had a marvelous time.

If you ever have the chance, you MUST visit Milos and phenomenal Greek Restaurant specializing in the most amazing seafood you have EVER eaten!  The fish and other forms of seafood are flown in daily from all over the world and everything is incredibly fresh!

From the salt baked Branzino to the amazing huge red shrimp and soft shelled crab, every bite was more delicious than the last!  Charles knows how to entertain, and we had LOTS of bites of many amazing dishes.  What a wonderful evening!

The next evening was the Celebration of One Year of Theorie on the rooftop of the SoHo Beach Club.  Everything including the weather was absolutely perfect.  I was so proud of my son and loved watching him move through the crowd and be the consummate businessman!  Wow! 

The whole trip to Miami was amazing, and I wouldn't change one minute of it!  I left Miami on Friday to head back to Macon for my next adventure!

A few weeks ago, my son-in-law and husband were offered TDY assignments in Ogden, Utah.  The original offer was for a four month TDY time frame.  I had planned to stay behind in Macon and work at Metabolic while my hubby, son-in-law, daughter and two grandchildren went on to Ogden.  I had planned to visit after they got settled in.

Due to a few changes in the Macon office, I decided to take a "sabbatical" beginning June 26th to visit Utah and see what the kids were raving about!

I purchased a Sherpa carrier for my little Boston Terrier, Buddy, so that he could accompany me to Utah.  He was such a good little trooper.  Here he is being the terrific little guy he always is ...

 The flight left Atlanta with a stop in Phoenix for "deplane" and reload.  We left Atlanta around Noon Eastern Time and arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah at 4:45 Mountain Time!  Quite a long time for the puppy's first plane ride, but no problems or complaints.  And by the way, the Sherpa soft sided carry on is the way to go.  The ventilated sides and zip top as well as end zip opening make it a great carry on bag for an animal!

I planned ahead and gave Mr. Buddy some "gas X" as he tends to get very "fartilicious" when he gets nervous, and I didn't want the entire plane to be "gassed out!"

The flight over the Country was really beautiful.  From the time we crossed the Mississippi to the time flying over Grand Canyon National Park, I was constantly awed by the beauty of this remarkable Country we are blessed to live in. Truly amazing "from Sea to shining sea!"

( Oh, and by the way, as I was boarding the plane in Atlanta to come to Ogden, I got a text message from my husband saying, "just received a full time commitment letter to stay here in Ogden!"  Yike!)

I must say it has been a whirlwind and a shock, but let me tell you one thing - Ogden is an amazing and beautiful town!  I think I'm in love!

I haven't been able to find a thing to dislike about this lovely little town.  There is the beauty of the mountains surrounding you.  Lovely, long trails to walk or bicycle on.  Clean, clean and clean streets and parks!  Beautiful streams flowing down from snow-capped mountains with water so pure you can drink it...Buddy (who usually wants NOTHING to do with water) kept going down into the stream to refresh himself as we hiked a local trail!
  There was a beautiful botanical garden and flowing water all along the trail we walked yesterday.  There were frequent resting spots and picnic tables and even "doggie" rest areas!  This seems to be a very "forward thinking" community with so much to offer those who live or visit here.

We are currently housed in the Ben Lomond Hotel in downtown Ogden.  It is on the National Historic Register, and was just featured in the Travel magazine I am subscribed to.  There was a remark in there about "ghosts" and "haunted", but so far I haven't encountered any!

So far, I am just amazed at the beauty we have found in this place.  There is a peacefulness that just seems to flow down from the mountainsides and surround you.

The street we are on is just loaded with little Boutique type shops and restaurants and you can walk to just about everything!  So, next on my list is hunting for our "permanent" location.  I would love to stay close to this downtown area as the love the ability to walk and not having to drive.

Yesterday I even went to a bicycle store and checked out a bicycle!  I threatened to buy an "adult tricycle," but Melanie promised they would tease me unmercifully if I did!  I hadn't been on a bicycle in over forty years, so it was with some trepidation that I agreed to "try out" one in the parking lot of the bicycle store!  The people whose cars were parked there would probably have run out and moved them all if they had known how inexperienced I was at riding.  I did put a helmet on by the way!  I managed to get on and ride without doing any damage to person or property, and have decided that Kevin and I are going to have to have bicycles to ride around town!

Wherever you look you can see the mountains.  
I have never been a "mountain" kind of girl, but then I have never seen the mountains West of the Mississippi before.  It's amazing.  My only fear so far is the Winter.

We are very close to several great ski resorts, and have been told the snow here is amazing.  We are only 30 minutes from Salt Lake City and they say that has an effect on the type of snow we will see here.  I know I'm not interested in learning how to "downhill" ski, but maybe some cross country?  Quite a change from the beautiful shores of the Emerald Coast, but just another example of the Hand of the Creator on this earth!
 The parks and trails here are meticulously maintained and the mornings are always cool and crisp.  I am enjoying my morning walks around town as I get to know my new home.
Firefighters memorial in the park next to the hotel.
 Beautiful flowers abound everywhere in Ogden!
 These mountain streams are as refreshing, clear and cold as you would expect!

So, for a while anyway the Okaloosa Girl has become the Ogden Girl!  I will be telling you all about the great experiences we are having here in the West!

Every day will bring new adventures and experiences and I am anxious to share another area of this great American adventure with you as possible!


Love, Peace and Joy!

Linda - The Okaloosa Girl!

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  1. Glad you made it safely... with Buddy!! Look forward to your posts!! Lotsa love to you and yours!!