Sunday, August 18, 2013


Okaloosa - Gulf of Mexico

It's hard to believe these two pictures are of the same body of water, only hours apart isn't it?

But this devastating beauty is all provided by a Creator who has a much larger view of the World than we do.

Last night I was privileged to go to a concert in Ogden.  Titled Accapellastock, it featured four groups of vocal bands.

While we were awaiting the beginning of the concert, music from those groups and others was playing over the loudspeakers.

One of the songs which floated through the night was "Come Thy Fount."

This song, penned by Pastor and Hymnist Robert Robinson, at the tender age of 22, in the year 1757 immediately grabbed my attention and brought me to my metaphorical knees as I pondered the beauty around me.  The Okaloosagirl is now living in Ogden, Utah where there is yet another type of beauty evidenced all around me.

This is a view of the Grand Tetons and the Snake River.  Amazing isn't it?

I would never have believed that I could love the mountains as much (well, almost as much) as the Sea.

As I listened to the words of the song presented only in melodic/harmonious voices, I was reminded of what an amazing Creator provided all of this beauty for us to enjoy.  I am also reminded that we are to CARE for it.  I hope to be a better steward of this lovely world than I have in the past.  I hope that we all take note of what has been provided for our pleasure and learn to find ways to preserve it.

The lovely song also made me ponder what those who are agnostic or atheistic use as a "moral compass."  Oh believe me, I am NOT a part of those who call themselves the "moral majority."  I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel more than most, and have learned much about other peoples and belief systems.  I am much less judgmental than I was at age eyes are open much wider.  But, on the other hand, if you don't believe in some kind of Creator and Hereafter, then what is your motivation to preserve beauty and order?

I guess I am presenting a bit more serious point of view this morning, but I would like this forum to not only be entertaining, but eye-opening and thought provoking.  You don't have to agree, just open your hearts and minds to the possibilities.

Here are the words to the song..Come Thy Fount...

I hope they touch your heart as they did mine last night.

1.Come, thou Fount of every blessing,   tune my heart to sing thy grace;   streams of mercy, never ceasing,   call for songs of loudest praise.   Teach me some melodious sonnet,   sung by flaming tongues above.   Praise the mount! I'm fixed upon it,   mount of thy redeeming love. 
 2. Here I raise mine Ebenezer;   hither by thy help I'm come;   and I hope, by thy good pleasure,   safely to arrive at home.   Jesus sought me when a stranger,   wandering from the fold of God;   he, to rescue me from danger,   interposed his precious blood. 
3. O to grace how great a debtor   daily I'm constrained to be!   Let thy goodness, like a fetter,   bind my wandering heart to thee.   Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,   prone to leave the God I love;   here's my heart, O take and seal it,   seal it for thy courts above. 



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