Sunday, August 18, 2013

Endorphins, Accapella and Ogden!

We made a last minute decision this afternoon to attend ACappellastock - their tenth anniversary concert here in Ogden.  The concert was held at the Amphitheater across the street from the Ben Lomond Hotel where we are staying.

This turned out to be one of the best decisions we have ever made!  WOW!  It was the first time I have ever attended an all vocal concert and these people were the most amazing Vocal musicians I have ever heard! 

We heard from four different groups, and an amazing Emcee - Paul Sperrazza!  We laughed, cried and clapped our way through the entire evening.  For anyone who wants to check out Paul Sperrazza, and I recommend you do, he can be found at and  This guy was just a ball of fire and oh so much fun!

The FIX, from Provo, Utah came up next and performed an amazing series of music.  They are all blue-collar workers by day, but serious musicians by night.  Wow.

The local boys, TMinus5,  is responsible for putting this thing together every year for the past ten years, and they are amazing also!  Kudos to them for all the hard work it takes to put an event like this together as well as perform.  Wow, another reason to love Ogden, like there weren't already enough!  They asked tonight how many of the thousands of people in attendance would enjoy a Christmas Concert...the roar of the crowd was an overwhelming YES! 

Cadence came in from Toronto, Canada - minus their Bass singer who was kept behind by Customs officials there...geesh.  One of the guys from TMinus5 filled in and did a great job.  They are four harmonious voices which fill the air with all kinds of bebop standards and more.  They are a true vocal band.  Amazing.

Each group brought their own style and excitement to the stage, but I think NOTA was the group that blew me completely away.  They are six male vocalists from Puerto Rico and have sung together for over 15 years in different A Capella groups.  They are a unique vocal band and their amazing vocal capabilities rocked the house! In 2009 they gained international popularity after winning the first season of NBC's hit musical competition THE SING-OFF.  We loved them.

I bounced around my seat all night, clapping and singing and laughing out loud at the antics of the various groups and entertainers.  I think I produced more endorphins tonight than I usually do running a 5K!

Speaking of that, I have always believed that music can move people in ways that nothing else can.  A tender love song, or a hymn or a piece of music from one's childhood can reach inside and bring you to tears, your knees or dancing on your feet in a minute! 

Once again, Ogden has given us another reason to love it, to stay and to call it our home. I am already planning to attend next year when ACapellastock occurs in the Amphitheater!  Join me there if you can, you won't be disappointed and you will certainly produce some much needed endorphins!



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