Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For Better or Worse

 Living in Ogden, Utah has definitely been an eye-opening experience.  Life here is more like I remember it being in the 50's and 60's.  Yesterday there was a discussion on the news regarding the fact that you can not go into a restaurant here and order liquor without ordering food.  Hmmmm?
While some might find this weird or restrictive, think about it.  If a person has food with alcohol it is much more likely that the person will not become intoxicated. Is this a bad thing?  I think not.
Morality overall here is more important to most people.  I guess a lot of it can be accredited to the fact that Utah was founded by Mormons...a very clean living lot!  Again, not a bad thing!  What is wrong with wanting to care for the bodies we have and keep them healthy and pure?  Inside and out?

The Mylie Cyrus thing has sure caused a stir as it should!  The problem is, that she is actually PROUD of her disgusting performance and is bragging about how much it has been talked about. I wonder how her Mother feels about it?  Does she care?

For many years now I have felt that the Video Music Awards thing has been out of line.  Each time they have one of these things someone does something to try and be more disgusting and distasteful that the last one. 

What I am surprised at is how we have allowed this to occur.  Adults not only watch this disgusting stuff themselves, but they allow their small children to watch!  Good grief people!  Do you really want your child to get up on stage and gyrate in front of the world for money?  Isn't this some kind of prostitution?

As for me, I believe that old statement about "garbage in-garbage out!"  The VMA have become mostly garbage, and if you allow your children to watch this stuff don't be surprised when they act it out and think it is perfectly alright.  As for me, I prefer the modesty and respect which was much more evident in the 50's and 60's.



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