Friday, August 23, 2013

 Waking up this morning I couldn't help but miss my beautiful Emerald Coast and the dolphins who play in front of my condo in the morning.  I guess a part of my heart will always remain on the beautiful white sugar sand beside the crystal clear emerald water of the Gulf Coast. It is difficult at times for me to think about selling the condo in Fort Walton Beach where I have spent such glorious sunny and stormy days by my beloved sea.

But, my new home in Ogden, Utah has also captured a large part of my heart.The cool mountain air coming through the canyons and the incredible views here are incomparable.  I am actually looking forward to Fall and then to the snows of Winter.  We have only witnessed Summer here so far, so we have quite a lot to look forward to.
We have visited Park City where the Olympic training area is located.  It has been fun to watch the athletes practicing on the jumps there, but I can't even imagine what it will be like to watch the skiers on the slopes and the athletes jumping once the snow has fallen on the beautiful Wasatch Front!

I have never even been to a Ski Resort, so I have only watched on television or movies what actually occurs. This Summer was actually the first time I have ever ridden on a ski lift.  I am kind of a warm weather person, so I do have a little trepidation about the cold and snow coming in a few months.  I have spoken with a lot of the people who have moved here from other locations from California to Ohio, and they assure me the Winter in spite of it's chill is quite bearable.

I am sure we will be witnessing a White Christmas, and the little girls are really looking forward to that.  If it gets too bad, I guess I can always take off for warmer climates for a while.  We have put a deposit down on our new home here along the Ogden River.  It is close to the Ogden Paved Trail, and the view of the mountains is incredible.  It will be fun to watch the changing seasons reflected on the mountainside. 

Antelope Island, which is just minutes from Ogden is having an event next weekend which involves all kinds of flight.  There will be Hot Air Balloons, Competition Kites and so much more.  Sounds like something we might need to witness.  Antelope Island is located in the middle of Great Salt Lake which has nothing alive within its waters but Brine know, those things kids call Sea Monkeys!  I haven't been out there yet, but I understand there are Buffalo and Antelope and some really neat displays there, so I guess next weekend we will take a trip out there and check it out.

We are praying for all those in the West who are dealing with wildfires and their aftermath.  The fires have been bad enough, but now in Southern Utah, we have had quite a bit of rain and the barren slopes are washing ash, rocks and mud down into the surrounding towns.  Most of the fires have been caused by lightning, and we have definitely had aplenty of that.  Hopefully the fires will be over soon and the snows will come to replenish the reservoirs for next year.  We don't have tornadoes or hurricanes here, so I guess our concerns will be for fires and water.   Every area has its own problems.  But, I must continue to say that this is an amazing place to live and we are quite happy to be here learning all there is to learn about the American West. 

I want to share a recipe I tried last evening with you all:

Honey Lime Cod

Two Four Ounce Cod Filets
Tajin Seasoning (this is Chili Lime seasoning available in Hispanic stores)
1 Tablespoon Honey
Juice of one Lime

Oil a large frying pan lightly and heat until sizzling.  Season Cod filets with Tajin and place in pan.   Cook about two minutes on each side, or until fish flakes easily with fork.
Just as fish is nearly done, add honey and lime juice to pan and spoon over the fish for a few seconds until coated with the mixture.  Add salt and pepper to taste!

I served it with Avocado/Corn Salsa and brown rice and quinoa for a healthy dish.



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