Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Butler Did It!

No, I haven't been playing Clue.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure I ever have!

Yesterday afternoon my hubby and I decided to go see the movie "The Butler," at the Megaplex.  What a great decision that turned out to be!  This movie is based on a true story and follows the lifetime of a young boy born in Macon, Georgia.  The boy is a black child born to cotton picking parents.

If you are looking for a "happy" or "lighthearted" story, this isn't it.  It is a raw and factual account of one man's growing up in the deep South and exactly how difficult it was for him.  This particular man, although uneducated in the school sense, forged a future for himself and his family in a time when that was an extremely difficult task.  He actually became a Butler in the White House, and served under SIX different Presidents.

There is history, drama, sadness, joy, life, death and truth in this movie.  This piece covers the time period when I was growing up.  It ends in the current day.  It IS a must see.  Just be sure if you have a tender heart at all, you will need more than a few Kleenex. 

Although there has been great progress in the area of Civil Rights in my lifetime, my life in Macon, Georgia for the past seventeen years has shown me that there is still a lot of that "old South" attitude around.  As a retired RN I was astonished to find time after time that serious prejudices still exist on BOTH sides.  My heart aches for a day when this will no longer be true. 

Open your hearts and minds, and go see "The Butler."   You won't regret it!



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