Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Little Bit of Thailand in Utah? Yep!

 Aaaahhh, Thailand, a country of great beauty and great food!

 On our trip to Thailand in December, Melanie and I experienced eating some of that lovely cuisine!

We went to restaurants in town and restaurants on the beach, we had some really excellent and authentic food in some very exotic places.  We even went to a restaurant which served all that crazy "deconstructed" stuff....but I digress.

We are now located in Ogden, Utah, which is a very, very long way from lovely Thailand.  About the only thing Utah has in common with Thailand is mountains...that is until today!

Today I had lunch at a tiny (seats 40) restaurant in Ogden known as Aroy D.  That didn't sound particularly Thai to me, but boy was I in for a big surprise!

Lunch Combo of a wonderful Chicken Curry and another chicken dish featuring Kaffir Lime Leaves!

Hubby went for the Soup which came with "add ins" including sprouts, basil leaves, crushed peanuts and more.  Fortunately he "only" ordered hot not super hot or Native!  It was hot enough that his nose was running. 

I played it safe and ordered medium, which was just perfect ( I am well aware of the spicy heat of authentic Thai food) and I enjoyed every single bite.  I even ate all the rice (I never finish my rice!). 

The food we had today was authentic Thai and absolutely delicious.  From the Curry to the Mango Sticky Rice it was absolutely amazing, and will require many more trips to satisfy our need for the exquisite food of Thailand.  It was actually voted Number One Thai Restaurant in the State!  Who knew!?!  Here in Ogden...Top of Utah USA! 

We will definitely be going back again soon for more of this delicious food, and recommending it to anyone who wants the best of the best when it comes to Thai food.  You haven't tried Thai food?  Then do it today...but make sure you get the best of the best!



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