Monday, November 18, 2013

Memories Are Made of This!

This time last year I was preparing to leave for Shanghai, China and Thailand.  One of the most memorable moments I had was petting this glorious tiger. Isn't he the most beautiful animal?

At this time of year I seem to run over all the memories from my past.  How about you?  Family memories, vacation memories, bucket list memories.  What are some of yours? 

I have been watching the Hallmark Channel for the last couple days.  They have all kinds of romantic Christmas movies on right now.  I have spent some time thinking back on some of the most romantic moments in my life too.  I love you.  Will you marry me.  Stolen kisses.  Whispered secrets.  And how about special moments when you were raising your children?   Special Christmas memories?  One Christmas when we were stationed in Ft. Sill, Okalahoma, so very far away from family, my husband arranged for me and my baby son to fly home to visit with my family.  On Christmas Eve, however, I was really missing my husband.  Suddenly there was a ring at the front door of my parents home, and there he was!  What a wonderful Christmas surprise.  The next Christmas I would spend alone however, with my small son and a two month old baby girl, praying as I sat beneath the Christmas tree with them that my husband would return home safely from VietNam.

This is a difficult time of year for a lot of people.  Sometimes it is filled with sad memories.  Sometimes people are just plain lonely.  So, as you think on happy memories, how about thinking of sharing with those who are less fortunate than you are whether in memories or in "things".  Share your joy.  Take your children to sing carols at nursing homes.  Pick a star off an Angel Tree.  Give to the Salvation Army.  And, make MORE memories with your own family and friends. 


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