Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Moving Again!

Oh My, we are moving again! Thank goodness it is only across town, but I sure hope this is the LAST move for awhile!  I am looking forward to getting out of the Hotel, although they have been really good to us here.  It's just kinda strange not having your own things around.  Also, most of my cooking utensils, etc are in storage and that is definitely inconvenient at times! 

We will be living in Layton, Utah now instead of downtown Ogden.  I am going to miss Ogden (but it's only going to be 15 minutes away) because of 25th street and the park across the street.  I absolutely love getting out and walking here.  I can even walk to the train station from where we have been living.  It will be a short drive, but still I will have to drive, to get to the train station in Layton.  The apartments look quite nice though, and there will be a dog park for Buddy!  I am a little concerned that we will be on the third floor and up and down stairs with the dog could be a challenge!  He is weird about stairs.  One good thing about the third floor however, is that no one will be above us stomping around! 

We have hired Two Men and A Truck to help with the move this time as Mel and Aaron have just gotten settled into their place, and I didn't want to ask Aaron to help again.  So, Sunday we will start moving some of the small stuff the movers won't take (like glass table tops) and clothing etc.  Then on Monday the truck will arrive and Tuesday the additional furniture I have bought for the new place.

It will be nice to get back to some kind of "normal."  Really, the Ben Lomond Hotel staff have been amazing, but living in a hotel is definitely different.  One thing I am going to miss is the Monday cleaning service! I'm spoiled.  It was also nice to be able to occasionally wander downstairs and get breakfast!  But, I need to get away from eating out, it's too easy to gain weight doing that!  Bread and potatoes are a big thing out here, and I don't need either!

Mel, Aaron and the girls are going to be staying here in Ogden for awhile.  I will miss just being able to walk a few blocks to see my girlies, but again it is only 15 minutes away, and it will be much closer for Kevin to go to work.  The funny part is I was just learning my way around Ogden, and now I am going to have to learn Layton!  My old brain is definitely getting a workout.

We are all looking forward to the Holidays out here.  The snow on the mountaintops is already providing skiing for the locals and soon all the Ski Resorts will be busy.  So, for now I am just getting ready to move, set up my little electric fireplace and begin "nesting" in my new home. 



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