Thursday, November 7, 2013

Christmas Memories

The time is passing quickly.  Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and then before we know it ... Christmas. 

This will be our first Christmas in Utah.  I am sure there will be more snow by then...there is already quite a bit of snow on the mountain tops.  It is really quite beautiful.  Because of so many moves, I have only kept a few special ornaments.  Many of those I had when the children were small, I have already given to them.
I want to have a real nice and smelly Christmas tree this year since we are out here in the West and there are beautiful spruce trees everywhere!  We are going to be living on the third floor of an apartment building with no elevator, so it will be a small one I'm sure! 

This time of year is always a melancholy one for me.  Oh, not sad really, just thoughtful.  I remember all the Christmases when the children were small.  I remember wonderful services at Church and participating in beautiful musicals.  I love singing.  I haven't affiliated with a Church out here yet, as we had not settled.  I have visited a few.  We will be in Layton after next week, so I will probably investigate one there.  I look forward to celebrating the Birth of the King!  It is a magical time of year.  Funny how even though I know there was no snow at the birth of Christ, somehow the pure white snow seems so appropriate. 

One Christmas I remember in particular was the year I had an automobile accident on December 3rd.  I had been selling Real Estate, and so had no health insurance or benefits.  The accident was not my fault, but I suffered serious injuries and was hospitalized for over a week.  It took two months to heal.  I was feeling terrible about the fact that the children (11 and 13 at the time) were not going to have much of a Christmas with me stuck in a recliner at home and unable to work.  But it actually turned out to be a really special Christmas.  Those two kids both did things like putting up peoples decorations, babysitting, etc. to earn extra money.  I had already done their Christmas shopping for hte most part (although they didn't know that).  They earned extra money and helped to contribute to the family.  They didn't demand or expect a huge Christmas.  A friend arranged to get a wheelchair for me and we attended a Nativity presentation at Disney.  I was happy to have survived the accident and that my little son had not been injured in it (he was in the car when it occurred).  There was much to be thankful for! 

Do you think about "Christmas Past" when this time of year approaches?  Do you focus on the "real" meaning of Christmas?  I think all the Santa stuff is fun, but I hope that at this mystical, magical time of year we can put the significance of Christmas above all else and focus on what we have to be the most thankful for...the birth of Christ and what it means!  The Greatest Gift ever given!  God Bless you all as you prepare for this Holiday Season.   Make sure you "pay it forward" and give something to others. 



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