Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas To All...and to Alll

Famous line huh?  During this joyous time of year each family has a set of "traditions" they fulfill during the time preceding Christmas and New Years Day.  Those traditions vary from family to family.  Some are as simple as always making sure to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" which by the way was voted on FB to be the number one favorite Christmas movie for most people.  My hubby loves "A Christmas Story."  I think he identifies with the little boy who wanted the BB gun!

I would encourage you, particularly if you are a "new" family to begin building traditions for your family.  Thinking back over the years, there are certain things which we had as family traditions that the children looked forward to.  I remember things which were a part of our stocking stuffers - a tangerine, ribbon candy, hard candies and nuts in the shell were always a part of my own childhood,  and for many years I carried that tradition into my own children's lives. 

This year we are enjoying some new "traditions."  Our move to Utah has guaranteed us our First White Christmas!  The children are thrilled.  They are sledding and tomorrow they are going for their first ski lessons!  How exciting.  I am sure this will become a part of their family traditions from now on.

Today we made Christmas cookies.  That is something I have done with all my children and grandchildren every year.  We usually make a gingerbread house too, but somehow the time has gotten away from us this year.   The Christmas tree is up the day after Thanksgiving, as usual,  and decorated with many lights and a star on top.  During the move we managed to lose some ornaments, but some did survive.  I noticed on my daughters tree that there were several ornaments from years gone by.

I used to take the children every year to see Santa and have their pictures made.  When I attended a Christmas Party at the Clubhouse here a few nights ago, I watched as the little children told Santa their Christmas wishes.  It seems like yesterday my children were sitting on Santa's lap.  Where has the time gone?  Grab those moments, make those memories and hold on to them. 

I used to let the children each choose an ornament of their own every year to place on the tree.  Some of those are still around!  I made sure each of them got theirs to keep when they started their own families. 

I took my two young granddaughters to the store the other day and let them pick an ornament of their choosing.  Ashlyn chose a very overdressed little Yorkie and Alivia chose a brightly colored Peacock!  I had already purchased each of them an angel to hang on their tree.
Their mommy gave me a lovely ornament with their pictures on sweet.

 I always purchase a gift for my "fur puppy."  He is part of the family too!

Buster the Wonder Dog used to know which present under the tree was his,  and he would check on it now and then, but he never once opened it until we told him he could!  It was amazing how he loved getting his own present. 

My little Buddy will get his present this year too, he himself is such a gift.  He gives us many giggles and much love. 

We will gather together as we have for many years now, at my home for Christmas Eve where we will have some wonderful treats and the kids will get to open a present from Granma and Granpa.

 This year we will be adding to the tradition by traveling up to Snowbasin to see a torchlight parade of skiiers down the mountainside.  There is plenty of snow, and it should be amazing! 

A White Christmas is a plus in a lot of ways.  It does seem even more magical.

Although this is a wonderful and exciting time of year for many, there are some for whom this time of year is lonely and difficult.  Many have lost loved ones this year, and it will be their first Christmas without that special person.  It is always difficult to lose a loved one, but particularly if it is during what should be a joyous season.  If you are blessed enough to be close to the love of your life, hold them tightly.  If you are blessed enough to have children and grandchildren, then hold them tightly also.  Make memories with them, for even if your are not near them in the future, the memories will ALWAYS be there. 

Build traditions, share love and spread it around during this Season of Magic. 

May you all have a very Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.



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