Tuesday, February 25, 2014

For My Granddaughters With Love

Ashlyn Dear Grandchild

Promise of a future bright dance
in her eyes, a shining light. Pureness of heart and depth of love, given from a Father up above. Golden hair in spiral curl falls round the face of this tiny girl, With years of three and soul of

so much more.
She is my sunshine night and day, and chases stormy clouds away. With the voice of an angel I hear her say, "Granma, can I stay with you today?"
And those big brown eyes,
so filled with love,
Wrap up my heart just like a glove as we share this special "grandchild Love."

Sweet Alivia's Poem

Second by birth, but not in my heart, I've loved little Livie right from the start.
Cuddling close in my arms hours old, Precious to look at and precious to hold.
Golden curls sweep round her sweet face
As she looks up and says, "Granma can we race?"

Sitting beside me as I read from a book, she Gives me a very inquisitive look,
And says Granma, your green eyes match mine. Then touches her hair and says "It's like mine."
My hair is gray, hers golden yellow I say, But she insists it matches anyway!
Precious child, precious moments..the time passes fast, But these memories, blessed memories always will last!

My Beautiful Angels….Love you with all my heart!


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