Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunset Comes First in The Valley

I'm really getting used to living in the Mountains of Utah, but I must say that I frequently realize little different things, and learn to appreciate them more each day.

This evening as I was driving home, I was sitting on Antelope Drive and noticed that it was still beautiful and sunny on the Mountain in front of me, but I was sitting in the shadow of sundown.

It really makes for some gorgeous sunsets out here though, for often as the sun goes down behind  the mountains on one side of this huge valley (which used to be a lake) it reflects on the clouds and bounces down on the mountains of the opposite side causing them to be an amazing shade of pink.

Lovely, aren't they?  It is also interesting to note that the sun hitting from different angles exposes new folds, creases, caves and ridges on the mountainsides.  It seems like every time you look at them, there is something different to see.

I have experienced Summer, Fall and now Winter here in Ogden, and now I am looking forward to Spring.  The crocus are already peeking out of the soil, and although I am sure we will see more snow before the Spring comes in full force, It is exciting to see the changes already taking place in our surroundings.

I love living in the valley, because for one thing MOST of the snow falls in the mountains.  I can, therefore, walk around down in the valley without having to stomp through snow, but when I do want to play in the snow, I just go up the mountain and snowshoe or ski, or tube … what wonderful choices.

There is definitely beauty in all seasons here.

But, being here in Summer, Fall and Winter has shown me something I had long ago forgotten, and that is just how beautiful the changing seasons can be!

The beautiful gardens of summer with their daisies, and roses and flora of all kinds…

The amazing colors of Autumn in the mountains are incomparable!

Rivers flow through canyons and wildlife abounds.  Buffalo on Antelope Island as well as Bighorn Sheep and Antelope.

Migrating Birds of hundreds of varieties in the thousands, flying into the area around the Great Salt Lake on their yearly travels.

So much to see, so many beautiful trails to hike, caves and amazing rock formations.

No, I never would have thought that anyone or anything could take the Okaloosagirl off of the also amazing and beautiful Gulf Coast with it's Emerald Green water, dolphins and sugar sand; but I have discovered a new love.  A new love that is just as beautiful, inspiring and amazing.  And to add to the beauty, there are two little granddaughters here (as well as a beautiful, loving daughter) that I just couldn't stand to be 2,000 miles away from.

So, as we explore Utah together, I will share pictures (which really can't do it justice) and tell you stories and share my "bucket list" adventures with you, and hope you enjoy reading and seeing it as much as I do!



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