Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Do Unto Others!

Utah is an amazing State and Ogden is am amazing city.  We fell in love almost immediately upon arriving last June.

One of the things I love so much about Utah is the inspiring amount of volunteerism and regard for the environment.  Thousands of volunteers help keep trash off the beautiful trails and out of the rivers.  Oh, there are those few who DON'T care, and continue to contaminate the world around them with trash and inconsideration.

In my apartment complex, for example, we frequently find huge amounts of trash discarded out of someone's car after a visit to McDonalds or Wendy's.  This is so hard to understand when there are dumpsters and trash cans so conveniently located that only a few steps would be necessary to dispose of it properly.

Most people pick up the waste from their dogs, but again a few don't.  That leaves those of us who do care to pick up after those who don't.

Today I had lunch at Mimi's, in Layton.  It is a lovely little restaurant with a lovely atmosphere and really great food as well as excellent servers.  I love going there.  But, today when we arrived we immediately noticed a booth which was completely covered in garbage, cheerios, trash and spills.  There was a high chair at one end of the booth.  When we commented on how sad it was anyone would leave such a mess, the waitress shared there had been FOUR small children in the party, and they were completely out of control the whole time they were there!

I love children, but I expect them to behave at home as well as in public.  No child should be allowed to scream, cry or make horrible messes for another to have to clean up.  Something has become terribly wrong in this child-centered environment we live in.  Children NEED discipline.  I'm not saying beating or abuse, but just plain old no is no and yes is yes discipline.

Not only were the children allowed this behavior, but the parents then proceeded to leave the restaurant with all the mess on the floors, table and benches of the booth without any regard at all for those who would have to clean it up before seating anyone else.  How horribly disrespectful.  I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that these same people didn't leave a tip or if they did it was inadequate.

Just because someone has the job of "serving" you, does not give you the right to treat them as a "servant."  Not everyone can be an engineer or a doctor, and we need people who are willing to fill these service jobs that make life so much more pleasant for all of us.  If you have never been a server, you might not know how much abuse these people put up with.  You also might not know that they aren't even paid MINIMUM wage.  Usually they get about $2.11 an hour and depend on tips (which they have to pay taxes on too and many have to share with bus boys and bar help) to make a living wage.

So, the next time you eat out if you have a child or children, please make sure you clean up after yourselves.  I hope your homes aren't as messy as you leave the restaurants.  The next time you eat out, please leave a fair or generous tip for these hard-working people.  I love my occasional times of eating in a nice restaurant.  I enjoy the peaceful times over a cup of good coffee.

If you can not control your kids or behave with common decency, please eat at home until you and your children learn how to behave.  Perhaps outside at Burger King would be a better option than a classy restaurant!

I'm through complaining….hope some of you will think about what I've shared.



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