Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Next Up - Italy!

This is just one of the many views we plan to see on our journey to Italy.  Lovely, isn't it.

We board our flight on Tuesday and arrive in Venice via Paris on Wednesday.  All our hotels have been booked in the three cities we will be visiting.  My son, Charles, has taken care of all of this.  He has been multiple times, and wants me to share this magnificent part of the world!  We will be joining he and Jon in Venice and then on to Florence and Rome before returning to our home in Utah.

I have had a great time today deciding which tours I needed to schedule for Kevin and I.  We are going to cram as much into this trip as is possible…lots of fun, family and food and wine.  We are so excited we can hardly wait.  I have taken great pains to forget nothing on this trip.  Passports and other travel receipts and documents are safely stored in my carry on luggage…it is going to be a wonderful experience.

There is so much I want to see in these three cities that it was hard to decide exactly where to begin!  I am an artist at heart and all of this is food for my soul.  Kevin loves history and so the experience brings so much of what he has read about the Medici's and others to life.

I will be blogging/posting as we travel our way through Italy.  I have scheduled a trip outside Florence to Tuscany to visit to ancient cities there.   My son has booked a wonderfully romantic sounding evening for a night in Venice, and we will be seeing Murano (beautiful glass) and Burano (amazingly colorful houses lining the canals) and so much more!

I researched the weather for April in Italy.  Sounds like a great time to visit before the Summer heat and crowds arrive.  I have everything laid out to pack and even contacted my physician about antibiotics to take along in case we catch anything!  I also packed fun stuff like Pepto Bismol, Immodium, etc.  I don't want ANYTHING to get in the way of this being a spectacular trip.

We are closing on our new home here in Utah on Friday, and so that won't be on our minds as we travel Italy.  When we get back, we will hit the ground running to accomplish our move by May 1st!
It really is an exciting time for us and I certainly don't feel my age!

Can't wait to share our experiences and pictures with all of you.  I encourage each and every one of you to travel any time you have the opportunity.  One thing I have learned for sure (and I have been traveling off and on since the early seventies) is that you don't learn anything about other countries and the people and politics there until you GO there.

I am just a little excited, in case you can't tell!  I plan on sharing some new recipes with you too!

See you in my blog when I return!


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