Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Woman's Best Friend Too!

This little guy pictured on the left talking with his human Daddy was Buddy...he crossed over the rainbow bridge a little over a month ago, and I will always miss him!  They say dogs are "man's best friend," but let me tell you, he was this woman's best friend! 

 Although there is no way to "replace" this special little guy who accompanied me virtually everywhere, last week a new little friend came to join our family.

The little girl on the right weighs in at less than four pounds, and her name is Rosebud!  She is a sweet little angel and has already added a great deal of joy to our lives.

I have already gotten her certified as an "Emotional Support Animal" and she is in training.  I look forward to taking her with me wherever I go also.

We have been reading every single training book available so that we do the best possible job preparing her for the future.

I can't tell you how valuable these little guys can be in not only keeping a person company, but their companionship and comfort has proven not only emotionally valuable, but physically as well.

It has long been known that having and caring for a pet is a valuable asset for elderly people.  They live longer and better, more emotionally stable lives if they have a pet to care for.

Now, in many studies it has been found that "therapy dogs" who are present during Chemo treatments for cancer patients make the patient more comfortable, relaxed and they even miss fewer appointments! They seem to recover more quickly also! Amazing?  Not really.  These little creatures can be so calming and loving that it can't help but make a person feel better!

It has also been recently reported that children who have dogs as pets have fewer problems with allergies throughout their lives and develop better immune systems than children who do not! Wow!

So, in case you have only looked at the "negatives" of owning a pet...consider how much "healthier" your life might be with a little guy/girl!

One thing you must remember however, you must be willing to take care of these creatures.  They need regular doctor (vet) visits and vaccinations, good healthy food and LOTS of love and discipline to become and remain good housemates.

I am always disappointed when someone buys or adopts a dog and then proceeds to put it in the back yard and forget about it other than an occasional play time or feeding time.  They need ATTENTION! Lots of attention!  If given time, attention and the right amount of love, I can assure you they will enrich your life.



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