Sunday, March 15, 2015

What Ever Happened To Respect?

From the time of earliest memory, I can always recall being told to "respect my elders" and respect my parents and my teachers and all those in authority.  The Bible teaches to "honor thy Father and thy Mother" and Jesus said "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God"..respect authority.

What has happened in the last twenty years?  I find it horrifying that not only are children not being to taught to respect their parents, teachers and elders, but most adults are not respecting authority of ANY kind.  They talk in front of their children and denigrate anyone who does not share their personal belief or desires.  They call police "pigs" and say terrible things about elected officials.

The way our President is being treated is a perfect example of the lack of respect for authority that is rampant in this Country today.  I don't know of any other Country in the world that would allow the rhetoric and vilification that occurs on a daily basis agains the man who was rightfully elected to serve as the Commander in Chief of our Nation.  I'm not saying you have to agree with what any President or elected official says, but you must be willing to respect their right to say or do what they were elected to do. When you don't agree, then you have a chance to VOTE to change what you do or don't agree with.

That seems to be only the tip of the ice berg.  This disrespect for authority seems to be across the board in the current climate of this Country.  There is a frightening disrespect for any authority including police and teachers.  Children are being raised with little to no respect for their parents or anyone else.  There is no respect for God and it seems that nothing is sacred any more.  Nothing in this world is safe from the disrespect that seems to be running completely rampant.

I don't know what, if anything,  can be done to change the course of events that is taking place currently in this Country.  The divide is wide and deep and ever present.  I fear that if we do not find a way to remedy this situation, it will mean the demise of not only our Country, but of all forms of Democracy throughout the world.

No matter what your belief system, you must all realize that respect MUST become a part of our lives.  That we must become a kinder, gentler world and learn to once again show respect for authority.  That we must bring up our children to respect their parents and grandparents and all adults who are in authority over them.  Respect doesn't mean that we always have to completely agree with one another, but it does mean that we must be willing to submit to authority and teach our children to do so.



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