Friday, September 25, 2015

Crashing Waves and Cottonwood Trees

I have always found the sound of waves crashing to shore a comforting, restful sound.  The constant road is a hum that lulls my soul and makes it easy to sleep.

I was afraid I would be missing that sound terribly when we moved to the Rockies.  However, I have found a new source of sound that is just as lovely and comforting.

I live at the mouth of the Ogden Canyon in Utah.  There are tons of cottonwood trees here.  When you live at the mouth of the Canyon, you soon become accustomed to wind...lots of wind.  I am not sure what causes this phenomenon, perhaps a temperature variance between the West and East sides of the mountains.  Although the wind is sometimes troublesome as it rushes past the house, I found a comforting measure in the sound that it makes as it sweeps through the cottonwoods.  It actually sounds much like the waves crushing to shore on Okaloosa Island!  How strange.

Do you have a sound that lulls you to sleep?  Some people purchase "sound machines" to create so-called white noise to make it easier for them to sleep by screening out other sounds in the environment.  These machines have such sounds as crashing waves, rain on a tin roof and even crickets and frogs.  Different sounds seem to appeal to different folks.  I love the sound of water running over rocks in the streams here.  However, the closest river is about a block away, and I cannot hear that sound from my home.  I can hear the wind in the cottonwoods.

Some people find these trees very annoying.  In the Spring and early summer they first produce these little round, flat things that spread everywhere.  Then when that is done, they do produce a cotton like bunch of seed carrying fluffs that do look just like tiny cotton balls.  They are EVERYWHERE!  They can be somewhat annoying, but they don't last forever.

I will gladly trade the small annoyance of the cottonwoods for the lovely sound that they make as the canyon winds rush through their leaves and branches.  They are Nature's Music and I will continue to let them lull me to sleep here in the Rockies!  And enjoy the color of all the trees from Aspens to Maples as we go into this lovely season of Fall!


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