Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall is here in the mountains...the mornings/nights are cool and clear, the days still fairly is a lovely time of year!

The Emmys were last night.  I chose not to watch, but I did check out the net to see who won.  Obviously I do not watch what is popular on television -- I didn't recognize any of the shows or the actors/actresses who won!

Oh, I have heard people talk about "Orange Is The New Black" and the "Game of Thrones," but I have never watched either of those.  I guess I like lighter fare, and I tend to watch old shows like Matlock and Murder She Wrote!

As it turns out, I'm not a big football fan either.  I will occasionally watch a game showcasing a team I like or know something about, but I can NOT sit for hours on end watching guys bang their heads together chasing a pigskin!  So in the Fall, I like many other wives, become a football widow!  Believe me, I have tried to watch like my hubby does, but it just bores me to tears!

For me this time of year is about the beautiful foliage, the crispness in the air, the pumpkins on the vine, Fall festivals and Halloween is coming. Saturday was the Harvest Moon Festival in Ogden.  What a fun event it is and it is also FREE!  They have lots of free activities for the children, and vendors for goods and foods.  There is live music and all the restaurants set up little outdoor cafes on the street.  What a festive time!

 Halloween is a big event here in Ogden.  It actually begins early with Witchstock on the 24th!  I already have my beautiful witches hat and cape, and will join my granddaughters in the fun that is Witchstock on 25th Street.  They also have a Zombi Walk here, but that kind of freaks me out!  There are a lot of Hispanics here who celebrate the "Day of the Dead."  Many houses are decorated in everything from gigantic spiders to glowing pumpkins and ghosts!

It seems that this Summer passed so quickly.  I love the Fall, and I anticipate the Winter to do my snowshoeing at Snowbasin.  We have such dramatic season changes here in the rockies.  Each has its own special pleasures.

I bought a little sweater for my Rosebud puppy today, as she is already shivering when we go out in the morning.  This will be her first winter, so I have purchased boots for her for when the snow falls. It should be an interesting time.

So whatever Fall is like where you live, get outdoors and enjoy it! I plan on doing just that!


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