Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Regardless Of Your Position

This is definitely a crazy year for Politics.  It is at the same time frightening and enlightening.

There is sure a lot of HATE spewing from some Politicians mouths and it find it disturbing that so many people are willing to jump on the "Hate Bandwagon."  In reviewing History, I don't see any evidence of that ever having helped a difficult situation.

Somehow we United States Citizens need to find a way to come together in Peace and work out the problems which seem to be plaguing this Country.  The Civil War ended over a hundred years ago, and yet there is still a huge problem with racism in this Country....and not just against Black Folks, but Hispanics, Jews....anyone who is seemed "different."  ALL of us are IMMIGRANTS unless we are Native Americans!  Are we forgetting that?

Now our choice for President is going to be clouded by all the hate being spewed on both sides.  I am, I must say, happy that a Woman is actually able to be nominated for the highest office in the land.  I am also frightened that a man who has shown no regard for people with less than himself, people who are Hispanic, Muslim or any other "different" he decides is significant are "dangerous."

I am frightened by a man who tells his followers to "punch him in the face, I'll pay for your legal expenses:"  Really, really? People...many people have voted for this man.  I understand that some of it has been in protest to "politics as usual" and people are quite sick of included.  But, it takes finess, and diplomacy and knowledge of world affairs to be President.  Hmmmmm...

We need "Peacemakers" in this crazy war filled world right now...what we don't need is someone who wants to try to "isolate" us and yet sends his own businesses overseas to avoid taxes.

I have heard all the arguments about email servers, Benghazi (which by the way the CONGRESS refused to fund more security over there), and more...yes lives were lost in that incident...tragically.That is a dangerous part of the world..we all know the risks.  But, alienating our Allies, "getting in the faces" of other World Leaders and "Building Walls" will not solve anything.

I pray people will think long and seriously, not emotionally about who they vote for when they go to the polls in November.  It's gonna be a dirty, hard fought election and it's gonna take a lot out of all of us.  I hope we can all look up to a "HIGHER POWER" regardless of your faith, and look for a solution that will work the best for this GREAT COUNTRY (and it is ALREADY GREAT) of ours when we go to vote!


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