Wednesday, November 16, 2016

America As I Knew It

I am an original Baby Boomer.  Born in 1947, daughter of an Ex-Marine wounded in WWII, and Mother of Four...three of whom served in the military, I am appalled by what has just happened in our Country.
I guess I have seen it coming, but I really couldn't believe that such a huge amount of racism, mysogyny, xenophobia, homophobia and outright HATE existed at all levels in our Nation.  I find it terrifying.
The Electoral College (not the vote of the people) has managed to put into the office of President the most dangerous man who has ever held the office.  There is unrest everywhere.  I had actually hoped that the hate-filled rhetoric would end after the election was over.
I have seen several articles today which admitted that they purposefully and wrongly smeared Clinton so that Trump would be elected.  Facebook employees are calling for their owner to monitor the "FAKE" news that is spread over the pages of FB.  This election was definitely influenced by FALSE articles being swallowed as truth by people who rely only on FB for their daily "news."  People, FB is SOCIAL MEDIA, not accurate news.  At this point, ANYONE can post ANYTHING and a lot of people take it as fact.  Fact it is not!
Now we must face the fact that a man has been elected as President that is (FACT) facing charges of Racketeering under the RICO Act and a possible rape trial.  He has appointed as his chief advisor a WHITE SUPREMACIST.
Those of us who are horrified by these facts, must now stand up and fight against the hate filled rhetoric and prejudice that have arisen as a result of this election.
I am really afraid that the America As We Knew It may never be the same.
I grew up in a world where America was considered the Greatest Country in the World..a Melting Pot where people of all nationalities and races worked together to build a country of Peace.
What has happened to our America? What?  The NRA pushes the sale of people die in huge numbers (adults and children) daily.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  What has happened to America?  People who have called themselves "Christians" have forced their beliefs on others and judged others.  That is NOT what Christ did!  America was founded on the principle of FREEDOM of Religion.  The founders were RUNNING FROM a government that told them what religion they had to follow! Have we learned absolutely NOTHING from history?  Hitler led people to slaughter in much the same way as the White Supremacists would lead us now?  Is this what we REALLY want?

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