Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Current State of Affairs in Washington

I am amazed and saddened by the current stalemate in Washington. The whole standoff is motivated strictly by political concerns, and not by what would actually benefit the American public.

My very first job was with the FBI, and that was during the time J. Edgar Hoover was the Director, with Tolson as the next in line. J. Edgar had files on literally EVERYONE in the Washington scene at the time. We were sworn to secrecy when we were hired, and told if we ever shared any of the information which came across our desks, we would "disappear". I believed them!

What I learned during the time was quite simply that most "public servants" were not serving the public at all, but lining their own pockets and the pockets of the rich cronies and contributors in their own States. I was a naive 18 year old at the time, and this was very disillusioning for me. I only stayed there for the one year that I contracted for as it proved to be uncomfortable and disheartening to be a part of that place.

Now, over 40 years later, things are much worse. Watching the jousting for position that has gone on recently has become more and more sickening. Every time Boehner says he knows what "the American people" want, I am convinced that he is totally ignoring the wants and needs of the average American. The polls are showing that the American people are not in favor of what is occurring in Washington, they do NOT feel that they are being represented adequately by either side!

Thousands and thousands of calls flooded the Congressional telephone system yesterday after the President's address, and the calls are still coming no avail. They are not listening in Washington, they are not responding to the requests of the American public.

What is the answer? I am not sure anyone knows, but I am sure of this one thing..things have got to change or this Country can not and will not recover from the current plunge into recession, depression or worse. Americans MUST stand up and tell it like it is. Taxes on the Middle Class are not the answer. Robbing the Senior Citizens of Social Security is not the answer.

Wake up AMERICA, become active in what is going on, and let YOUR voice be heard. You elected these guys and you can recall them! Let's work TOGETHER TODAY to make a stronger and more solvent American. Bring back our jobs! We are a Nation built on great fortitude...let us show it! Do it for our children and it now!!

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