Monday, February 6, 2012

For Love's Sake

Valentine's Day is only eight days away now.  Many men and women are contemplating what to purchase for their sweetheart.  Flowers by the millions will be purchased for high prices.  Huge boxes of fattening chocolates will be sold in an attempt to win the hearts of their special someone.  Jewelry will be bought by those who can afford it,  and other more creative souls will buy gifts of perfume, clothing and carefully chosen goodies for the object of their affection.  Some will take their love out for a romantic evening at a favorite or special restaurant. 

Personally I would rather get a real love letter than any gift that could be bought.  When is the last time you received a love letter?  More importantly, when is the last time you WROTE a real love letter?

Many people have never received or written a love letter.  Somehow in this crazy world of texts and e mails and cell phones, we have lost the art of writing.

Years ago my husband and I were part of an exercise called "United Marriage Encounter."  This encounter occurred over a weekend when we were not allowed to talk about anything but our marriage.  During this exercise we wrote love letters back and forth to each other.  It was a wonderful experience.  My husband isn't always able to communicate his feelings verbally, but he wrote the most beautiful love letters.  It was a very special time for both of us.

Maybe this Valentine's Day instead of, or in addition to,  buying your sweetheart a box of chocolates, flowers or an expensive present, you should write a truly heartfelt love letter.  Share a real part of yourself with your love.  I promise you won't regret it, and neither will your sweetheart.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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