Saturday, February 4, 2012

Don't Drink The Kool-Aid!

Have you noticed how the Media can make something out of nothing every time?  That is just how they keep their jobs.  The problem with that is some of us listen to the SAME people all the time, saying the same things, and never investigate any further to see what the real truth may be.

It is kind of like those people who followed one man into the wilderness and then drank the Kool-Aid just because he told them to!  Wake up people!  You have to look a little farther than what is presented on the surface of the news and how individuals and media spin the facts to make them more "newsworthy" or interesting.

Take the Susan Komen news going on right now.  The people on one hand calling the people on the other hand names.  Both sides are going to lose in this debate.  Most people are NOT pro-abortion.  Most people would rather see women make responsible CHOICES and avoid unwanted pregnancy in the beginning.  Pro Choice is quite different from Pro Abortion.  But, passing laws to make abortion illegal will not make it go away, only drive it back into the backrooms and alleys where it used to hide.  Those of us who are old enough to remember those days are frightened by the thought.  Just as Prohibition didn't stop people from drinking, but opened up bootlegging to gangsters and backroom speakeasys, passing laws to try to prevent abortions will not work.

I am NOT in any sense of the word pro abortion.  I am, however, Pro Choice.  No, I don't believe in abortion.  I do know for a fact that abortions will not be stopped by law however.  Women need to be able to go to Planned Parenthood for counseling on birth control, cancer prevention and other choices.  It is ridiculous that some insurance companies will pay for Viagra for men, but not birth control for women!  Women have ALWAYS gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to control over how their bodies are used. 

For example, in Maryland, about forty years ago when I consulted my obstetrician about having my tubes tied, I was told that I had to have my husbands permission!  What was up with that?! It meant that regardless of how I felt, regardless of the fact that my husband NEVER helped with anything to do with child rearing that if he wanted more children I had to bear them.  Doesn't sound very fair or right to about you? 

Do you know how many children are abused and neglected in this Country each and every day?  Do you really believe that those children are better off because their mother didn't have access to birth control?  The Catholic Church has jumped back on the bandwagon again and is teaching that people shouldn't practice birth control.  Many people in this Country can not afford to have more than one or two children.  Should they be forced to have ten or twelve whom they can not adequately care for?

People need to stop listening to the pundits and talking heads on television, the net and elsewhere and look inside their own hearts for decisions regarding life choices.  People need to stop buying into the poisoned Kool-Aid which divides us against each other as Pro or Anti, and learn forgiveness and understanding and wisdom.  Each of us is only accountable to ONE and ultimately that is the only thing that really matters. 

Laws do not change hearts.  Laws do not stop people from committing desperate acts.  Laws should not attempt to control how a woman handles her own body or her own choices.

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  1. Well, said Linda!!

    "If men could become pregnant abortion would be a zip up your mouths, or zip up your pants!"