Friday, February 3, 2012

What Are They Thinking?

Education in America is definitely in trouble.  A perfect example of some of the perverted thinking in this Country was witnessed in Macon, Georgia today.  The brand new Superintendent of Bibb County Schools has suggested that 12 schools be closed and 300 teachers be fired!  Exactly how is this supposed to help increase the quality of education in the County.  Teachers can not handle the overcrowded classrooms they already are experiencing.  Where will the students go when the schools are closed?  My Gosh!?! What is this man thinking.

Unless we quickly realize how rapidly we are falling behind the rest of the world in education we are doomed to failure.  Public schools in America are struggling in every area.  People who can afford better are sending their children to Private Schools at a price which is burdening them nearly into bankruptcy.  We are paying taxes and contributing to lotteries which are supposed to help paying for the public school system.  Where is the money going? 

We need to refocus in America and get back on track.  We need to INCREASE funds for education.  Budget cuts need to be made in areas other than education.  We need great teachers and we need to PAY them.  We need smaller classrooms, and programs which will help those students who have fallen behind.  We must change our ways now or fall still farther behind in the education of our future leaders.

Wake up America!  Speak up Americans!  Education of the next generation is critical to the survival of the USA as a world power. 

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