Thursday, March 29, 2012

Becoming LifeProof!

I have an iPhone.  It isn't my first.  I actually"drowned" TWO of in salt water and one in fresh water...I don't discriminate!  After this horrific and expensive venture into water logged phones, I began to investigate a way to protect my phone from ever again becoming water logged.

A lot of people laughed and told me just to put it in a Zip Loc bag.  Besides being rather silly looking, it really doesn't work all that well!  I had heard about the "Otter Box", but wasn't really impressed with the size of it.

Then, while on a trip to the Keys with my son Charles and his partner Jon, they introduced me to the Lifeproof case by dropping it into my drink!  Not only did it not drown, it didn't get drunk!  LOL
Seriously, this thing is great.  It protects against dropping (which I do a lot of), dust and grime and most importantly for an ocean going person like me, it is safe it up to 6.6 feet of water!

I may have finally found a way to love my iPhone and not destroy it.  I am unable to stay away from the water and am too addicted to all the wonderful apps on my iPhone to give it up, so as it turns out the Lifeproof alternative works for me.

I ordered one for my grandson's 16th birthday this past week, as he had just gotten his first iPhone. My daughter just ordered one after dropping her phone on the asphalt and shattering the glass screen.
So, if you are like most people, and love your iPhone, then give it an extended life by purchasing a Lifeproof case.  It works!

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