Friday, March 30, 2012

Time Keeps On Slipping...

Winter has quickly slipped into Spring.  The trees are blooming, the air is warm and the skies are extra blue today.  It will soon slip right into Summer.  Sometimes I find myself "hurrying" the time by.  Right now I want the month to pass quickly so that we can close on the beach condo and I can begin visiting Okaloosa on a regular basis.  It seems like since childhood there was always something dangling out there in the future that I have been rushing toward.

I wonder if you ever experience that feeling?  Waiting for the next big break, waiting for the new job, waiting for the baby, waiting for the kids to graduate from college.  It seems like we spend so much time worrying and wishing about tomorrow that we forget to live TODAY.

Hubby and I went to Special Friends and Grandparents Day at Stratford Academy today and watched the children put on a really cute musical.  We really enjoyed it.  After coming home, I looked at some of Ashlyn's pictures from the last ten years...OMG. Where has the time gone?  Have I been wishing it away?  Not entirely.  I have made some great memories with the family over the years.  I will treasure them always.  While I find myself wishing for a date in the future at times, at other times I wish I could put time on hold for a bit and have the children stay young for a while longer.  They are growing up entirely too fast. 

I am going to work a little harder to take each day as it comes and to enjoy it for whatever it brings.  I am going to attempt to allow time to mosey along as it likes and not try to rush it.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough!

God Bless...Peace, Love and Joy!

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