Sunday, March 18, 2012

Someone Like YOU!

I love animated children's movies.  It is always fun to take the children, but even when I don't have the kids, I still love to go see these jewels.

Today Kevin and I joined Melanie, Aaron and Liv and Ahlyn to see the LORAX.  I had read a series of reviews on the movie and some praised it and some panned it (isn't that always the case?).   Well, I am here to say that I just LOVED it!

The movie was colorful, funny, fast-moving and had a MESSAGE.  In fact it had more than one message, and not just for kids, but for us adults. 

You see, one of the characters in the story had caused the demise of all the trees by being greedy and self-serving.  As a result, another greedy and self-serving character had convinced an entire town that they were living in the perfect place with the perfect environment, and all the while he was selling them "fresh air" because there was no green plant life left to create any. 

This movie talked about the environment, about trees and what they mean to our environment, and how just ONE person made a difference.  One line from the movie which was delivered by the character who caused the demise of all the trees - "unless someone like "you" cares a lot nothing will change."  All of this was carried along in a delightful story which was entertaining for the youngest of children, while delivering the on point message about caring for our environment and for others to older children and adults.

I highly recommend this funny, poignant movie for anyone who would like to spend a couple of hours being truly entertained.  It will remind us all that in a world where greed and avarice seem to be taking over, the actions of just ONE person can turn things around.  YOU can be that person.

God Bless - Peace, Love and Joy!

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