Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moms and Misnomers

Mother's Day is fast approaching again.  For some it is a day of great joy and celebration, for others it can have an entirely different meaning.  Mothering is defined as:  Bringing up (a child) with care and affection: "the art of mothering".  In some cases this is a misnomer.  Not all mothers are good at mothering...not all really care.

For those of you who are blessed with a Mother who loved and encouraged you, and she is still around, you will celebrate this day (hopefully) with her and share happy memories and much love and affection.  For those of you who had loving mothers who have now passed away, it will be a a difficult day, especially if it is the first Mother's Day without them.  But, take the time to remember all the wonderful, positive things your Mother shared with you and did for you.  If you had a Mother who loved and cared for you and sacrificed for your welfare, you are truly blessed.

Mother's Day is a very difficult day for me in many ways.  I am a mother of four wonderful children.  My job as a mother was not always easy, for many of those years I was a single mom.  I am sure I made many mistakes, but one thing for sure...I loved my children.   I told my children regularly that I loved them, and held them close and did everything within my power to make sure they knew I would be there for them.  Unfortunately, it was not something I had experienced in my own home.  This is a very difficult thing to share, but I believe it is important for those of you who may have had the same experience to know that you are not alone.  There are other young and grown children out there who suffered much abuse at the hands of their mother's and no one knows or knew.  Mother's Day is a very difficult day for these people.

It's funny just how far a child will go to try and "prove" he/she is worthy of love.  Some will become great and achieve much trying to prove that they can do anything.  All they want is that one little spark of approval which only can come from the eyes of a mother who is truly proud of her child.  Some, on the other hand, choose to "drop out" and give up because they feel no matter what they do it will not be good enough.  In some cases, with a little luck, these children grow up and realize that the problem was not theirs, but their parents'.  But, no matter which scenario occurs, the pain of never having been loved or appreciated by a parent will never, never leave that individual.  There is no cure for that kind of pain.

The one wonderful truth is however, that God always has and always will love you.  That in spite of what may be going on in your world, God loves you and knows what you are going through.   If you follow His teachings, you can become a wonderful parent, in spite of not having had an earthly example.  You can give your own children all the joy and comfort they need from a loving and caring parent.

I have two wonderful daughters and a daughter-in-law who are doing a great job being mothers.  Being a mother is definitely not an easy job, but it is the most rewarding job in the world, and done right it is the most formative and important job in the world.

If you are a mother, please lift your child up and encourage him/her.  If you are a mother, no matter how difficult things are in your life, make sure you shower your child with love, hugs, kisses and encouragement every single day.  There is no greater responsibility.

This year as you celebrate Mother's Day, be sensitive to those around you who may be suffering from the lack of love from their mother.  In spite of the fact that my mother was not there for me, God has given me so many "mothers" through the years.  They have been wonderful, Godly women who have encouraged me and loved me and helped me through the toughest of times.  I have been able to give that love back to them, and believe me I tell them how much they mean to me.  So to all those "Mothers" out there who have lifted up someone who was not fortunate enough to have a caring parent, thank you!  And for those of you who have that wonderful "mothering" spirit, reach out and lift someone up who needs a mother in their life.  It is immeasurable valuable, and will be appreciated beyond your wildest expectations.

God Bless, Peace-Love-Joy

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