Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Cleaning? Yessirree!

Once again I awoke to a beautiful morning here on Okaloosa Island.  I didn't have time to enjoy it for long however, because I have a ton of chores to do while I am here this week!

It is "Deep Clean" time at the condo.  Once a year the Management company requires that the owner either pay them for a deep clean or do it themselves.  I opted to do it myself.

The funny thing about the "deep clean" thing is that I do most of these things every time I clean the unit before I leave.  Cleaning under the burner pans on the stove, cleaning the oven and wiping out drawers are standard operating procedure for me.  One thing I really don't tolerate is a dirty kitchen or bathroom. Thus, you could probably eat off the floors in my kitchen most of the time!  I also take off the mattress covers and wash them. All of these "deep clean" things are pretty much done.

Today I started by bleaching the bathrooms floor to ceiling, then proceeding to bleach every tile floor in my unit.  Next came the mop and glow to make it all sparkle.  The cabinets have been wiped down, the drawers cleaned and organized. Entry rugs cleaned.  The carpet cleaners will be in at 9 AM on Saturday to handle that, but everything else has been dusted, scrubbed, inspected and approved as immaculate.

I ran out a little while ago and bought a brand new lime green recliner.  My guests coming in on Monday had asked if I had one, as the hubby (like mine) sleeps only a little while in the bed at night, then is up and into a recliner for the rest of the night or early morning.  Well, since I needed to get one for my sweetheart anyway, I went recliner hunting.  I needed to get one which would match the lovely tropical colors which I already have in the sofa and loveseat, so the hunt became interesting. 

I checked on line, of course, to see what might be available out there and at what price.  I wanted something of good quality, but not exorbitantly expensive.  I wanted something that would wear well and look good for a while.  My sofa and loveseat are microfiber and seem to be wearing well and easy to clean, so I knew that would be an option. 

I didn't have a lot of luck at the usual spots, so I found a furniture outlet in Fort Walton Beach which looked promising.  Apparently they deal a lot with condo owners like me, and so they cater to what we need.  I finally settled on a lovely microfiber lime green recliner which will fit perfectly in the space I have allotted in the living room.  One problem however, I am driving a Chrysler 200, and no way was that recliner (even taken apart) was going to fit in my car.  I was trying to avoid the additional $40 charge for delivery, since I had already paid $475 for the recliner....oh well...that didn't happen! LOL
The recliner has been delivered, and is sitting in the window next to the Gulf with a beautiful view!  It may be a little "greener" than it looked in the store, LOL, but it does have that tropical look!

My "inspection" has just been scheduled for 11 AM on Friday, so I am just about ready to relax for a while.  Just a few more little touch up items to take care of and I can relax and enjoy Okaloosa. 

I had lunch today at Mulhollows and managed to stay on my diet by ordering a Cobb salad and dressing it only with lemon juice and a little oil.  When it first arrived, it had one of those luscious rolls they make there on the side...I had Tracy remove it quickly, before I had a chance to gobble it up!  I also declined my delicious free chocolate chip cookie! Boy, am I being good!

The red flag is up today and the surf is roaring this afternoon, so not a great day for swimming, but a great day for watching! I love the sea life here.  The dolphins and sea birds.  Today there was a little girl walking down the beach with a little red bucket full of bread crumbs dropping them along as she went merrily down the beach.  Following her, quite peacefully considering their usual behaviour, were about fifty seagulls! As she walked along this virtual parade of birds just followed her down the shore happily picking up the crumbs she dropped as she strolled along.  It was so cute, and so completely innocent.  What a joy to watch.  I never tire of watching what goes on here, whether it is winter, spring, summer or fall.  Each season has it's own joys.  Each day the Gulf has it's own mood. 

Well, I need to run out to Michael's this afternoon to pick up a few things, so I had better wrap this up for now and finish my chores.  Have a wonderful

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