Saturday, October 6, 2012

Frankenweenie...Not For Me!

After reading the reviews on line at today, we decided to take our Grandson CJ to see the movie Frankenweenie today instead of Hotel Transylvania.  When we arrived at the theater there wall ALL KINDS of special promotion of this particular feature .. more than anything else on the bill this weekend.

After seeing this movie, I would not recommend it for anyone under 12 years old.  It really wasn't a children's movie, and I felt badly that there were quite a few really young children in the audience.  The movie actually disturbed me on several levels.  One, many of the characters were much to frightening for small children.  Two, much of the action and dialog was directed more at adults than at children.

The dog, Sparky, who was hit by a car in a rather terrifying scene (again not something I found appropriate for a child - especially one who might have lost a dog this way!), he was brought back to life in a science fair experiment.  The love between the boy and the dog was charming, but much of the rest of the film was just plain frightening.

I should have realized this fact considering it was by Tim Burton, who seems to relish the macabre ... not a great thing for small children.  I wish there were more lovely movies for children.  So much of what we see now in cartoon or animation is actually pitched to adults.  I need more Snow White and Cinderella!  I am not saying that children don't need to know at some point about the difficult things in life, like losing a pet, but movies need to be ENTERTAINING and fun for children, not frightening and troubling.

CJ said the movie was "weird."  Probably an apt description from a nine-year-old.  I felt like paying $7.00 each to see this movie left me feeling cheated.  It wasn't funny or particularly entertaining.  Oh well, I KNOW now I am not interested in seeing any more movies by Tim Burton.

This one gets a THUMBS DOWN from this Granma!

GOD BLESS _ Peace, Love and Joy!

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