Friday, November 16, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To A 5K!

I got a message on my iPhone first thing this morning from daughter Melanie.  She has challenged me to run a 5K with she and Ashlyn at Walt Disney World/Epcot on my BIRTHDAY!   (Disney Royal Family 5K)

After thinking about it for a few minutes, pondering my recent 20 plus pound weight loss (and I want to lose 20 more!) and the fact that I have been feeling positively wonderful lately, I accepted the challenge!

Now, there is an AP on my iPhone as of this morning called "Ease into 5K.""  I loaded it thinking I would probably start it next week, but since I had to take the dog for a walk this morning anyway, I put in the necessary information and began.

First mistake - took the dog!  My dog, Buddy, is a smallish Boston Terrier and unlike most Bostons he is NOT high energy!  My walks with him sometimes involve me half dragging him to say the least!  Then to add to the problem this weird rather pretty gray and white cat (who apparently has no fear of dogs at all) decided to plant himself right in the middle of the running track....not once, but FOUR times!!!  Oh My Gosh!  Every time we would come around that side of the track he would stand right in the middle and challenge us to run by him.  Buddy would start pulling and straining at the leash and I would finally have to lift his feet off the ground with the least to keep running!!!

Second Mistake - I decided to do this right after lunch...good grief, I know better than this.  However, I did fairly well considering.

I actually did complete the entire program with only a few times of having to "fast walk" when it said "run."  Not too shabby for a granny who hasn't done any running in a long, long time!

This little AP keeps track of your miles, time, etc.  My time was an average pitiful 19 minute mile LOL!  I hope I see some improvement in that or I will definitely be the last one crossing the finish line at the 5K! 

But, all in all, you want to know something?  I really don't care about where I finish.  I just want to finish that 5K with my daughter and granddaughter (all three generations of us) and be able to smile and say I did it!  In high school I was a really good basketball player, I loved to water ski and was always active in every way.  It is good to feel like I can still run at this age.  Who knows, maybe I will actually be the first in my age group at age 80 crossing the Finish Line at a 5K!

Wanna join me?  Download the AP and start now!

GOD BLESS - Peace, Love and Joy

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