Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Moving Mania! AND The Snow is Starting!

And so it begins!  I flew back to Macon on the 12th and began the process of packing all the boxes, furniture, clothes and home goods we will be moving to Utah!  Wow! What a job! 

The first day I picked up $119 worth of cardboard boxes (actually Cliff picked them up for me at UPS) and then I was off to get bubble wrap and tape from the U-Haul Store.  First days expenses just in packing supplies about $175.  Take into consideration that I also spent $400 to fly back to Macon, and $3600 to break our lease!  This is gonna be one expensive un-funded move! But even with all that in mind, it is an exciting time for all of us.

I spent two solid days plus bubble wrapping, boxing and just deciding what I really wanted to bring to Utah.  I have been living there for the last four months without this stuff, so I decided there was an awful lot of it I could live without!  I gave away a ton of stuff and still had more to pack than enough.  Aaron and Kevin will be leaving for Macon next week where they will rent a truck and then DRIVE all our stuff back to Utah!  I don't envy them that trip. 

While I was back in Macon, I took the opportunity to see some of my closest friends that I had not had a chance to say goodbye to before leaving for Utah in June.  It was really nice to be able to give hugs and say goodbye for now.  We will all stay in touch, but 2,000 miles will separate us very soon.

I picked up Kitty from Melanie's MIL and loaded him into a small traveling crate for the trip back to Utah.  I was a little nervous about the trip as it is quite long, and Kitty doesn't even like riding in a car! 
But, Kitty surprised us all, and in spite of a delay which made our trip really really long (arrived Atlanta airport about 9 AM Eastern time and didn't get into SLC until 9:30 PM Mountain Time - which is 11 Eastern)  and Kitty only meowed softly a couple times.  What a good Kitty!  He is now happily reunited with his Livie and the rest of the family!

So, now I have traveled across the country by air with a Boston Terrier and a Kitty.  I'm getting good at this!

We had originally planned to wait a year while a new townhome was being built for us here in Ogden, but this week I actually found a townhome in a nice little community at the base of the mountains and next to the Ogden River for about 1/2 of what the new one would have cost.  After deciding on just a few "tweaks" it will need, we made an offer which was accepted.  Great news about that is that instead of having to store all our furniture and home goods for a year, live in a Hotel, and then move again, we should be in the new place by the end of October! It is located right on the river and right next to the Ogden Botanical Gardens and the paved trail.  It's all good!  Happy Halloween! LOL

Today is September 25th, and the weather outside my window is gloomy and wet, but when I went to the WEBCAM for Snowbasin, I was thrilled to see that on top the mountain SNOW is falling!  How exciting!  It won't be long before the ski season will start.  The little girls can't wait to see real snow...deep snow!

I am not so sure how I will feel about having to go outside in cold weather...oh, it gets cold in Georgia too, but not quite like here.  Locals tell me it isn't really bad since it tends to be a "dry" cold which doesn't penetrate the body the same way.  Today, however, with the rain and the wind and the falling temperatures, it does feel quite cold! I am really glad that I had already brought my Winter Coat out here! 

So today I am making home made Chicken Vegetable and Rice Soup and enjoying the prospect of seeing real snow as I watch the City employees load the "horses" which have decorated our streets all Summer.  They won't return until next June, but I am sure there will be other exciting things going on in the streets of Ogden!



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