Friday, November 15, 2013

A Trusting Spirit

I love Utah.  I love Ogden.  I love the generous spirit of most of the people here.  The volunteerism is amazing.  I guess all of that is what led me to believe, once again, that people are basically good.

However, my naivete has once again gotten me burned.  We had been staying in a local hotel, The Ben Lomond, for five months now before finally locating to an apartment in Layton.  When we moved out on Monday, I accidentally left my portable plastic jewelry case hanging on the windowsill behind the CLOSED venetian blinds.  I didn't realize it had been left behind until Tuesday after unpacking all my suitcases.  I immediately called the hotel and told them and said I would come by and get it.  When I arrived at the Hotel that evening, I went up to the room and the case was exactly where I had left it, but the blinds were now OPEN!  That meant that the maid had been in to clean.  The beds were also made.  It was obvious we had moved out, as there were no longer any clothes or other possessions in the room.

Upon examining the jewelry case, I was alarmed to find that several of the pieces of jewelry, and of course the more expensive and sentimental pieces, were missing.  I informed the people at the front desk immediately and they contacted the manager.  We discussed this and she called the lady who heads the housekeeping department.  I was really upset, as our stay at the hotel had been exceptionally nice up until this incident.
The next day, I was told that the maid who had supposedly cleaned the room denied having touched the jewelry case at all!  Now, it would have been easier to believe had the jewelry case just disappeared, but the fact that individual pockets had been opened and specific things taken made it impossible to believe that this was anyone but the maid.  For one thing, the shades were now up that had been closed when I left (that is why I forgot the case).  Then even weirder was the fact that a lovely silver and jeweled belt which had been hanging over the hook part of the case was also gone.  This piece wasn't extremely expensive, but did have great sentimental value. 

Now, normally in a hotel I would have locked up jewelry in a safe.  This hotel, however, does not provide a safe.  When I spoke to the owner of the hotel the next day I was told that it is posted on the back of the door not to leave valuables in the hotel.  Well, all that would be fine if they had a safe, however, living there for five months could you please explain to me how you should carry your jewelry, camera, etc. every time you leave the room.  It's not like we were there for a few days.  I have seen face to face every one of the ladies who cleaned the room because I was frequently there when they came every Monday.  I always stripped the beds and stacked the linens to make it easier for them.  I always cleaned the room before they came so that all they had to do was vacuum (because I didn't have a vacuum) and remake the beds.  We even tipped them!  Then, to have one of them steal from me a lie about it!  OUCH!

I told the hotel owner that I would give them 48 hours to produce the stolen items or I would contact the Police and report the theft.  I was hoping that this would cause the jewelry to reappear.  It hasn't.  I am terribly disappointed in the hotel, the housekeeping people and now people in general.

I hate to give up my faith in the goodness of the common man, I don't mind being a bit naive.  I hate to always think the worst and not trust anyone.  But, once again, I have been burned.  The total value of the items missing is between $500-$1,000.  Not a petty theft.  But, again it isn't the dollar value, but the sentimental value of the missing items that hurts.  One piece was a Mayan Calendar silver pendant which I purchased while on a cruise with a dear friend.  I had bought her a matching one.  Sigh.  The silver belt was bought when I was attending an Elton John concert in Macon.  Sigh.  There was a watch my son had given me for Mother's Day and a watch my husband had given me after returning from a Christmas Trip to his sisters in Pennsylvania.  Sigh. 

I do believe in Karma and whoever stole these items will be paid back by the Universe at some point I am sure.  That won't ease my disappointment, but perhaps it will teach HER a lesson.  There is a payback when you do good or evil. 

I don't want to let go of my belief in the good people ... it will take a while for this to pass, but it will.  So, for all of you out there planning on travel, staying in hotels, etc.  Make sure they have a SAFE and that you do lock up EVERYTHING!!!


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