Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 In Review!

 2013 Began with a Lovely cruise to the Bahamas with my sweet girlfriend Roberta! We had a wonderful trip and promised we would go on another cruise in 2014.  In fact, I went ahead and put down a $200 deposit on the next one before we left the ship. 

Then I headed for the condo on Okaloosa Island.  Lovely, lovely place.  Roberta joined me there one time, Vicki another.  It's such a peaceful, wonderful place and I never get tired of the beautiful view of the
 Gulf and the dolphins.  Home sweet Home!  My heart is on the Emerald Coast for sure.

But then, the totally unexpected happened when my Hubby and my Son-in-Law were offered TDY to Ogden, Utah (Hill AFB) for four months. 

The rest of the family left on June 10, and I followed for what I thought was going to be a "visit" on June 26th.  However, as I was boarding the flight with my dog Buddy, I got a text message saying we had been offered a permanent transfer!!!

 Next thing I know, I'm in Utah planning for a major move from the East Coast.

It took me about five minutes to decide that Utah and Ogden were some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places I had ever seen.

Additionally, the people here were so welcoming and friendly, that the thought of a move was suddenly a very welcome one.

There are mountains, and waterfalls and caves and the most amazing hiking and biking trails imaginable!

We celebrated July 4th in Huntsville!  It was amazing! Like something out of the fifties, with games and fun food and people on blankets listening to great music.

Fireworks finished the evening and we were all falling more and more in love with our new home...Ogden.

The girls have been thrilled with all the new experiences, and have talked me into some pretty amazing things too!  Not only have I been hiking up mountains, but they talked me into zip lining in Park City. 

Then there was the Park City Art Festival, which I guarantee you will become a YEARLY event for us.  The display of beautiful and intriguing art was beyond any I have ever seen, and I breathed it all in with relish!

The girlies have talked me into climbing up the most amazing trails from Snowbasin at the right, to Timpanogos Caves (which let me tell you was a FRIGHTENINGLY steep trip to these incredible caves in the side of a mountain).  We have hiked Birdsong Trail in Ogden and walked miles and miles.  I love walking 25th Street in Ogden which has an incredible story from the times of the Golden Spike which is just a few miles away, to Al Capone and more!

We have ridden the Snowbasin gondola numerous times up to Needles Lodge which is beautiful in Summer and now in the Winter is completely amazing!

The girls have had such glorious experiences and it has been thrilling to share it with them. In the Summer Ogden has a wonderful Farmer's Market every Saturday in the Park downtown with every kind of fresh produce and craft and food you can imagine.  We didn't miss any of those. 

My sister Dawn, and Niece Rachel joined us on a trip to Magnificent Yellowstone Park! WOW! The Grand Tetons, the Snake River

Old Faithful were all something I had previously seen only on the pages of my Geography Books!

Dawn and Rachel had a great time, and so did we.  We stopped at Bear Lake on the way home.  It is an amazing aqua lake on the border between Idaho and Utah.  The kids didn't want to leave! 

We had previously gone to Bear Lake and spent a night in a local cabin.  We rented a boat and took the girls tubing!  What wonderful memories we built all Summer.

But before we knew it, months had passed and we were now to become permanent residents of Ogden/Layton.  Melanie and Aaron and the girls are in Ogden, we are in Layton about 15 minutes south.  The views here are amazing...we are surrounded by mountains, and when I look out my bedroom window, I see Antelope Island in the middle of Great Salt Lake!

Autumn in Ogden brought still more adventures.  It seems they celebrate EVERYTHING in a BIG Way in Utah!

Pioneer Days in the Summer...Fall Festival in the Fall!  Decorations everywhere and free events for all to enjoy!  It is a very family oriented place and most of the events are FREE!  Amazing.

 Kevin Jr, and Dylan and Bo joined us to go to Snowbasin for Thanksgiving Dinner along with Melanie's family!

The food was amazing, the views fantastic and of course the company was perfect!

We made and shared so many memories during this time.

As you can see, my little Buddy enjoyed it too!

We took so many pictures that I can't even post them all here although I'm tempted. 

Snowbasin was our Sunday Afternoon haunt as we went to free concerts on the lawn behind Earl's Lodge all summer.  It was lovely and we will be there again when they start up in the Summer of 2014.

I really can't begin to tell you how beautiful it is here in Utah. 

The views are beyond description, and a camera just fails to do it justice.  From Spring, to Summer to Fall and now Winter, we have viewed breathtaking vistas at every turn.

Now the girlies are having a wonderful time skiing at Snowbasin!

Christmas at Melanie and Aaron's!

 Ice Skating on the Pond in Huntsville...the town floods half of the city park and turns it into a huge skating rink!

Absolutely Gorgeous and great fun!
Just can't get over the views of the mountains from everywhere we go in Utah!

There is so much beauty to be enjoyed here.  We haven't had the chance to visit southern Utah yet and all the incredible vistas there. 

So, next Spring before the Summer heat, we will go to Moab and Brice Canyon and some of those other amazing places in Utah.

There is an amazing trip to Italy in our near future and a cruise to Alaska shortly thereafter, so 2014 is going to be another amazing year!

 I hope all of you have a Blessed and Wonderful New Year with all kinds of new experiences and joys! 



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  1. Just magnificent pictures...I can't wait to visit!