Sunday, December 29, 2013

I Never Met A Carb I Didn't Like!

That is a salad sitting in front of my Hubby Kevin and I.  We are actually at a local place in Utah, Slackwater, which serves the best pizza!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love pizza!  Unfortunately Pizza Loves Me!

Some people can get away with eating those luscious carbs, I am one of those who can not!  I though moving to Utah would be a "healthy" lifestyle, but I have found that people out here eat a heck of a lot of CARBS!  There are bakeries galore with loads of delicious breads and pastry.  There is even a doughnut shop that specializes in the MOST DECADENT doughnuts you have ever seen...dripping in bacon, maple icing..OMG!  They display them prominently at the Farmer's Market in Downtown Ogden during the summer.  They advertise everywhere.

Then, there are the "scones."  Now, I have always known scones to be small wedges with a texture between biscuits and cake, slightly sweet, sometimes containing fruit and a dribble of icing.  Yum, but not too terribly calorically loaded.  BUT, scones in Utah, well that is another thing altogether.  The first time we ordered scones in Utah this enormous thing the size of a plate, deep fried, sweet and with a huge blob of honey butter came out!
I thought it might just be that particular restaurant's interpretation of scone.  However, it didn't take long to realize that they call "fried dough" a scone out here! Holy Mackeral!

I really never met a carb I didn't like.  I love potatoes no matter how you fix them.  I love really good bread and pie and cake and and and...well, you get it, don't you?  There is some kind of magical draw which pulls us into the "carb trap."   There are some good carbs, for sure like whole grains, fresh fruits and legumes and fresh vegetables.  The things to AVOID are refined and processed foods, foods that include "oses" those are simple sugars....dangerous.  

Although statistics say that only 24% of Uthans are "obese," I have my doubts!  I see more than 24% of chubbies shopping and in those restaurants!  In defense of some of those who eat those carbs, they do a lot of hiking, biking and skiing out here!  Sooooo, I guess some of them can get away with all those extra carbs.

I have managed to take off 100 pounds in the past couple years.  I want to keep it off!  I fell off the wagon right after we moved into our new apartment and I wasn't walking the way I had been, nor was I eating the low carb foods which I had made my staple for the past couple years.  I managed to gain TWENTY pounds in the blink of an eye!  I am now back on the low carb wagon.

Oh, not all carbs are BAD, but you do really have to watch the balance.  I have found it critical that I eat more protein and raw low carb vegetables to maintain my weight loss.  You don't have to exercise, but it really doesn't hurt. 

These yummy snow crab claws are on my "good" list.  Kind of like the naughty and nice list, I have a good and bad list.

I find the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat a lot of white fish, white meat chicken or turkey and very little beef or pork.  NO FRIED FISH!  No fried anything by the way.

We are having some lovely prawns for New Year's Eve.  These are also acceptable as a good alternative to red meat.

Stay away from the drawn butter.  Walden Farms makes some great salad dressings and sauces, including a Marinara, which have NO calories.  They are amazing. 

Potatoes, although I love them, are off my good list right now.  A serving of potato, baked or boiled when you are dieting is only 2 ounces....I would rather have something else that will allow me a larger serving.  Mashed Cauliflower well seasoned is a great substitute for mashed potatoes (my grandkids love it) and will allow you a 4 ounce serving.  Raw veggies are great, and you can make great dips from FAT FREE yogurt!

I don't want to forget to say that drinking water, 64 ounces a day, I know it sounds like a lot, but it works is crucial to good health.  As a side note, recent studies show that if you eat a BALANCED diet you do not need multi-vitamins. 

I hate the word "diet" because what really needs to happen is a "lifestyle change" which involves portion control and discipline.  I'm not saying that you need to NEVER have any carbs at all.  You can even have the "occasional" doughnut or piece of cake if you don't make a habit of it, once you get to your goal weight. 

I will tell you this, if you are interested in a great program that really works and won't drive you nutty, contact Metabolic Research.  These people have done their homework and really know how to help you.  They not only provide you with dietary guidelines, but with counseling and support which is crucial to long term weight loss. 

I went from wearing very tight size 20's to size 6-8 slacks!  I haven't worn that size since High School.  If you want some "lifestyle change" advice, please feel free to contact me, I would love to help you achieve your goals.

Here is an example of a low carb recipe for you to enjoy!

Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwich

4 egg whites/substitutes
1/2 whole-grain or Ezekiel English muffin
3 slices tomato
1 dash Mrs. Dash
3 tbsp salsa

Cook and stir egg whites in a skillet over medium heat until scrambled and done to your liking. Sprinkle with Mrs. Dash.

Place scrambled egg whites on toasted English muffin.

Add tomato and enjoy!

You can also make a "crustless" quiche with egg whites, bacon bits, cheese and if you like spinach which is very low cal and low carb.  Get busy, do some research, and find HEALTHY LOW CARB and low FAT recipes you can enjoy!



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