Monday, February 24, 2014

Making Ogden My Home

We have found so much to love since we came to Ogden, Utah in June.  The beautiful Crystal Hot Springs just up the road, the incredible mountains, Snow on the mountains so we can ski, snowboard, snowshoe or tube!  Gorgeous lakes and pristine crystal clear rivers where the Salmon and trout run freely.

Originally the Okaloosagirl had intended to retire to Okaloosa Island to spend the rest of her days, but …. well, granddaughters and Daughter are here…and beauty available here, so much to do winter and summer.  So, today it became official…we will be staying in Utah.  I notified my Realtor, Mary Ann Miller in Florida that I want the condo listed immediately.  I made an offer on a lovely town home at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains just a short distance from the mouth of Ogden Canyon.  It is perfect for my hubby and I.  Just enough room and incredible views of the mountains.

Now, I must sell the lovely condo on Okaloosa Island.  It has been good for me. It is a beautiful place, and it has more than paid for itself since I bought it.  Last year it did $30,000 in rentals.  So, lovely people, if you know anyone who would be interested in purchasing this lovely property, please contact me.  I will miss it…perhaps I can visit the Island once in a while, but Ogden is now my home, and I really do love it here too.

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