Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Has Sprung - Or Has It?

Spring in Utah is turning out to be full of surprises!  The picture on the top right was taken yesterday.  It was incredibly warm, sunny and boy doesn't it look just like Spring should?

The funny thing is, that the picture on the left was taken exactly twenty-four hours earlier in the same town!

We are finding Spring in Utah is one of constant surprises, much like the other things we have learned about Utah.

On Thursday, we had a large storm come through which dropped about two inches of snow in the Valleys.  The mountains got a lot more, but that's normal.  What isn't normal, is that it was Thundersnow!  This is an amazing phenomenon that we had never witnessed before moving to Utah.
It is actually a pretty complicated meteorological event, and much too complicated for me to explain here.  But, take my word for it, it is an amazing event.  Having spent so much time in the Deep South, I am quite used to severe lightning and thunderstorms, but Thursdays event here was jaw dropping amazing.  The snow was coming down so quickly that we got about two inches in about twenty minutes, and to add to that it was flashing lightning and cracking thunder - bang bang bang one right after the other.  Wow!

Then, yesterday evening we had the absolutely most amazing sunset you can imagine.  The mountains looked like someone had poured gold down them!  

Utah continues to surprise us each and every day we live here!  We are leaving for Italy on Tuesday, and I will be posting all the amazing things we will see there.  I must say, however, that I will also enjoy coming home to our amazing Utah and I'm definitely proud to be a brand new Utahn!



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