Friday, May 9, 2014

The Cloud Shroud

The Mountains of the Wasatch Front continue to amaze me on a daily basis.  These huge, awesome, beautiful mountains with their rocky crags, sharp points, crevices and caves tower above everything here in the Ogden Valley.  Sometimes I forget just how tall they actually are. I forget, that is, until I start driving toward them and begin to feel like an ant!

I am amazed by their beauty, the variety of landscape and color they afford and the wildlife they support.
But, as huge and powerful as the mountains appear, they are often defeated by a soft, white fluffy float of clouds.

These clouds sometimes creep up from the back side of the mountain and crawl over the tops and then slide down the nearer side, looking so much like a giant cottony shroud.  Sometimes a snowy white peak will appear out of the top.  Sometimes they seem to disappear entirely in the cottony misty mass.

They never seem to look the same two days in a row.  I am so happy to have a home at the mouth of the Ogden Canyon, where I can sit on my porch with my coffee and look up at these powerful, beautiful mountains.  They remind me of how infinitely small I am in the scheme of things.  Their age, power and beauty are timeless.

Whether we are hiking the trails up to Timpanogos Cave, driving one of the beautiful roadways through Utah, or riding the Gondola at Snowbasin, these mountains always have something new to show me!
So this girl who will always remain an Okaloosa Girl at heart, has also found the beauty and peace, the joy and exhilaration of the mountains has room in her heart also!

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