Wednesday, August 20, 2014

For The Good Times

Have you ever awakened with a song running around in your head without a particular reason?

I had that happen this morning.  "Don't be sad, I know it's over," were the first words that popped into my head this morning.  Crazy.  "There's no need to watch the bridges as they're burning..." and so on...I think the line that struck me hardest was "make believe you love me one more time...for the good times."

I think we can all relate to those "good times" and those "bad times."  No matter where you are in your life right now, I'm sure you can remember those "good times."  Wouldn't be amazing if you could remember only those, and forget those "bad times."  Then again, I am sure that those "bad times" are sometimes the points in life where we grow the most.

If life were always easy I don't think we could relate to the struggles going on the the world around us.  I would certainly like to see more Love in this world, wouldn't you?  With war, shootings, bombings and all sorts of angst and fighting going on around us all the times, sometimes the "good times" are hard to appreciate.

Do you remember your first crush?  Do you remember how devastating it seemed when it was over?  But, looking back I'm sure you would agree that it was just a tiny bump in the road.  There are lots of bumps in the road on this journey we call life...some little and some HUGE!  The trick is to learn how to survive and thrive in spite of those bumps.

The bumps never really get easier, but I do think that we learn different ways to cope with them as we age.  I'm not saying you will never get knocked down, never grieve, never hurt.  You will.  But, with reflection and effort and maybe a few hugs from friends you will get up and run again.  You will have more good times.

One thing that is really important here is to say that YOU need to reach out and hug someone today.  Under those smiles we all wear in public are sometimes terribly broken hearts, and just one kind word, smile or hug can help another person over a bad moment or even a bad day.  You see, we tend to get so wrapped up in our own troubles that we forget the struggles of those around us.

I am looking forward to some more good times, but I am sure there will be that balance of bad times to go along with them.  I'm looking forward to love again.  It's been a long time coming, but I'm sure that it will return.  Find someone to share the good times with, because with a friend and lover at your side the good times are elevated to new highs.

I've always said that without the really bad times, you can not experience the really good times to the fullest...I still believe that.  So, HERE'S TO THE GOOD TIMES!!!


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