Friday, August 22, 2014

Job Hunting in 2014

Things have really changed in the realm of job hunting since I first came on the market in the 60's!

Computers and technology have changed absolutely everything about job hunting.  Not many jobs are published in the newspaper anymore for one thing.  Then most of the jobs are actually posted with some company which refers out to another company or other companies.  Everything is done "on line."

I don't know about you feel about it, but interviewing on line is not particularly representative of who I am.  How can a computer tell what kind of personality I have.  Well, they think they can by giving you these weird "psychological" tests.  "What would your fellow employees say about your work ethic?" Do you think I'm going to say they think I stink?  Get real!  This stuff is crazy.  Then they ask you the same question five different ways.  Do you really think I am stupid enough to not be able to recognize this gimmick?  Who designs these creepy things anyway?

I have been jumping through hoops for weeks now answering ads on line.  Send a resume.  Fill out our application on line.  Take the on line test.  Wait...wait...wait.  It doesn't help that in spite of the fact that they are NOT allowed to discriminate because of age,  every single one of them asks for your date of birth (and the computer will not let you progress to the next question if you skip this one) or what year you graduated from high school or college! DUH!  There goes the resume in the garbage if you are over 50! aauuugggghhhh

I have always gotten my very best jobs by face to face meetings where someone referred me for a job because of my personality and skills.  The computer just doesn't give you the opportunity to demonstrate any of that.

I guess I'm saying all this to tell you that if you are a "senior" looking for a job (even if it's a WalMart greeter) you are going to have to be 1. Computer literate 2. Willing to put hundreds of applications in and 3. Expect people to start calling you three times a day asking if you want to further your education!

Are you kidding me? They sell your information to these places that robo call you about educational opportunities!  Aaauuugggh again!  I don't need an education! I have that! I need a freaking job!!!
Yep, I'm over fifty, but I'm not crippled, arthritic, senile or stupid!  I have an education and a ton of come on, give me a chance.

After so much of this, I finally do have an interview in person on Monday (after doing all the computer interview stuff first!).  It pays about half of what I got in my last job when I was younger, but I guess it is all I really need.  It is a little hard on the ego at this stage of life to step back and take a more menial job, but I understand there are a lot of us "Boomers" in that situation right now.

So, take a deep breath, hone up on your computer skills and think about those silly questions you will be can do it! I did.


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